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This wall quilt is located on the second floor of the lobby.

This wall quilt is located on the second floor of the lobby.

Artist: Julie Berner, Eugene, Oregon

Medium: Fiber - machine-pieced, hand-quilted, photosilkscreen-printed, cotton fabrics

Description: This piece is a quilted patchwork collage of photo-silkscreened imagery. It includes portions of an 1887 map of the state, engravings of county courthouses from Sheriff's letterheads, pieces of trademarks and labels, writing from an 1804 map of Lewis and Clark's route, a letter from the governor in 1869, and excerpts from a broadsheet offering a reward for the apprehension of men who deserted a schooner in 1846. The composition is suggestive of an old saloon stage with mounted photographs of recorded history dancing across a backdrop of the Oregon Territory. The stage is flanked by images of the trees, fish, and mountains that are so significant to this region.

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