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Linen inlay tapestry

Linen inlay tapestry is located in the waiting room in the lobby.

Artist: Judith Poxson Fawkest, Portland, Oregon

Title of Piece: Archives Cabinets

Medium: Linen inlay tapestry

Description: This tapestry pictures objects symbolic of Oregon industry, resources, arts, and products. Items include a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, saddle, axe, scissors (represents wool and tailoring), crosscut saw (represents logging and forestry), canoe paddles (represents recreation), sun glasses (represents recreation), artist's brushes, gold fish bowl (represents fish hatcheries), basket of filberts, Winchester rifle (represents winning the West), salmon, Hood River pears, cooking pot with berry jam, umbrella, fly fishing rod (represents recreation), cross country skis (represents recreation), grass seed, flour, Oregon wine industry, Pendleton shirts, hammer, block plane (represents building industries), Nike hiking boots, guitar (represents music and arts).

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