Tour the Oregon State Archives

Archives lobby

The lobby of the Archives Building faces Summer Street. It includes a reception desk and exhibit areas. It also provides access to the reference room, second floor offices, a public meeting room, a researcher break room, lockers, restrooms, and an elevator.

Lobby architectural detail views

The Lobby

A lobby is where a person enters a building, gets oriented, perhaps enjoys the architecture or artwork, and then moves to other rooms to conduct business. The lobby of this electronic tour serves the same function. Learn generally about the Archives and its services, linger over the artwork and exhibits, get registered, and then move into the reference room to start your research.

Interactive map and images of lobby


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State Archives • 800 Summer St. NE • Salem, OR 97310

Phone: 503-373-0701 • Fax: 503-378-4118 • reference.archives@state.or.us