Beaver brand fancy evaporated Oregon prunes

This 1909 trademark exhibit is one of 174 displayed in the Web exhibit "Sold in Oregon: Historical Oregon Trademarks."

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The Archives uses selected records, photographs, and other media from its holdings to create exhibits displayed in the exhibit gallery and waiting room adjacent to the lobby as well as on the Web. These exhibits highlight interesting records and help to interpret trends and events in Oregon's social, political, cultural, and economic history. The exhibits mounted in the gallery
and waiting room change periodically and include traveling exhibits from other institutions from time-to-time. The exhibits mounted on the Web often include more information and images and remain on the Web for use after the gallery exhibit is changed. Examples of the exhibits include:

Crafting the Oregon Constitution: Framework for a New State
Learn about the making of the 1857 constitution. Explore issues before, during, and after the convention with over 250 Web pages.

Life of the Home Front: Oregon Responds to World War II:
Explore the experiences of ordinary Oregonians before, during, and after the war. Includes hundreds pages of text and images.

Oregon at War: World War I and the Oregon Experience (includes over 100 pages)

A 1940 Journey Across Oregon

A 1940 Oregon Coast Tour

Sold in Oregon: Historical Oregon Trademarks

Pearl Harbor Remembered: Oregonians and the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Highlights of the Archives (includes over 100 pages)

Echoes of Oregon (an educational resource featuring early Oregon documents)

Additionally, the Archives participates in cooperative projects with other institutions. An example of a product resulting from one of these projects is the:

Historic Photograph Database (with Salem Public Library and Marion County Historical Society)

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