Reference Desk

Reference archivists are generally available at the reference desk. Submit your records use form to an archivist upon entering the room. At that time, or at any time during your visit, they are available to assist you with your research.

The Reference Room

Reference archivists

The first person a researcher will usually see when entering the reference room is a reference archivist. Three reference archivists generally work in the reference room at any given time, however other duties such as retrieving records and conducting inventories often take them to other parts of the building. For security reasons and to provide a reasonable amount of research assistance, at least one reference archivist remains in the room at all times during business hours. The reference room is closed between noon and 1 PM.

While archivists come into the profession from many directions, they often have educational backgrounds in history, government, political science, library and information sciences, and related fields. Currently, archivists hired at the Oregon State Archives are required to hold a Master's Degree and certification from the Academy of Certified Archivists. Reference archivists are typically generalists in relation to the wide range of subject matter (e.g., law, water resources, genealogy...) they cover while assisting researchers. They have a good overview of Oregon government but must also rely on finding aids, indexes, search engines, and related resources.

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