Assessment Roll

Some of the records held by the Archives are very large and heavy. This 1925 Yamhill County assessment and tax roll, for example, measures 36 inches by 17 inches and weighs nearly 30 pounds. Please ask for assistance from a reference archivist when copying this type of record.

The Reference Room

Copying rules and costs

Researchers who visit the reference room are free to make copies of just about any records in the Archives. Some of the published and printed materials in the reference room are subject to copyright law, but nearly all of the public records may be freely copied. Two self-service photocopy machines are available on a first come-first served basis. Researchers doing large copy jobs are asked to yield briefly to other researchers needing to copy just a page or two. Please ask a reference archivist for assistance if copying from very large and heavy volumes such as the typical county assessment rolls from the early 1900s. Generally, the document feeders on the photocopiers should be used only for recent legislative records. Microfilm/fiche printers are also available on a first come-first served basis. Ask a reference archivist for assistance if you are unsure about the operation of any devices in the reference room. Please note that some records are so fragile, old, or large that photocopying is not allowed. In these cases, transcribing is recommended. Researchers will be referred to microfilm copies of some records such as the Oregon Provisional and Territorial Records to better preserve the originals.

None of the copiers accepts coins. Researchers must keep track of the number of copies they make and pay at the reference desk at the end of their visit. The cost is $0.25 regardless of paper size or microform type (please note that copies made for researchers by Archives staff cost $0.75 each). Audio tapes may be copied for $7.00 per cassette tape. Researchers wanting to make their own cassette copies of audio tapes should ask a reference archivist for assistance. There is no charge for this sort of copying and blank cassette tapes are available for $1.00. Photographs, video tapes, films, oversized maps and drawings, and other media are also available for duplication. Ask a reference archivist for the procedures and costs related to each.

Most, but not all, of the records at the Archives are available as certified copies for $5.00 per certification. In most cases, the certification shows that the attached record is a true copy of the original. Copies of certified records must be made by a reference archivist to be valid. Vital records, such as birth and marriage, as well as naturalization records are examples of records that cannot be certified by the Archives. Please see the "Services" section of this guide for more information about fees.

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