Biographical Sketch of Reuben Coyle

Reuben Coyle

Reuben Stringer Coyle
Born 1821
Died 1888
Linn County delegate

Reuben Stringer Coyle was born in Bullitt County, Kentucky. His family moved to Illinois when he was a young man. It was here he met Hannah Carroll and married her in 1843. In 1847, Reuben, Hannah and their two young sons immigrated to Oregon. Included in their party were Hannah’s brother and father as well as one of Reuben’s brothers. He settled in Linn County and began farming a 640-acre donation land claim and founded the town of Sodaville.

In 1854 Coyle became a Linn County commissioner serving in this position from 1854 to 1856 and again in 1858.

He served as a delegate from Linn County at the constitutional convention and served on the Committee for Military Affairs.

In the 1860s, Reuben and one of his sons headed to California in hopes of finding gold. He returned home at least once but eventually his family lost track of him. Records indicate that he and Hannah divorced in 1859. It is believed that he died in California in January of 1888.

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