Biographical Sketch of Nathaniel Robbins

Nathaniel Robbins and wife Nancy

Nathaniel Robbins and wife Nancy

Nathaniel Robbins

Nathaniel Robbins
Born 1793
Died 1863
Clackamas County delegate

Nathaniel Robbins was born May 5, 1793 in Franklin County, Virginia. As a young boy his family moved to Kentucky. In 1813 Nathaniel married his first cousin Nancy Robbins. Around 1818 they moved to Illinois but remained only a few years before they moved to Decatur County, Indiana. In addition to farming, Robbins became a “country doctor” and amassed one of the largest medical libraries in Indiana.

In the fall of 1851 he moved to Missouri to winter over in preparation for crossing the plains to Oregon in 1852. He and his wife lost three daughters, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren by the time they reach Oregon. They settled in Clackamas County amongst their large extended family.

Robbins was elected as a delegate from Clackamas County and served on the Committee for Education and School Lands. He was the oldest member of the convention.

Despite his desire to retire from doctoring, Robbins skills were in demand from settlers in the surrounding area. He was drowned in the Tualatin River December 15, 1863 while attempting to cross the flood-swollen river to attend the birth of a child. He is buried in the Bird Cemetery in Stafford, Oregon.

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