Biographical Sketch of Robert V. Short

Robert V. Short

Robert V. Short
Born 1823
Died 1908
Yamhill County delegate

Robert Valentine Short was born in Fairview, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1823. He trained as a tailor and worked till he could pay for a course at the Ohio Wesleyan University. Short then taught school and worked at his trade until 1847 when he came to Oregon and opened a tailoring business Oregon City. In 1849 he went to join the gold rush in California, returning to Oregon in 1850.

Not long after his return from California he moved to a donation land claim in Yamhill County and served as the county’s first surveyor. Short was involved in the first survey of Portland in 1850 and also completed a survey of Oregon City for John McLoughlin.

Short was a democratic delegate from Yamhill to the constitutional convention and was a member of the Committee on Expenses of Convention. He served in the territorial legislature from 1857 to 1858. In the aftermath of the Civil War, Short joined the Republican Party and served in the state legislature from 1888 to 1891. He died in Portland on September 7, 1908.

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