Biographical Sketch of William Starkweather

William Starkweather

William Starkweather
Born 1822
Died 1905
Clackamas County delegate

William Starkweather was born February 16, 1822 near Preston City, Connecticut. He moved to Ohio and was a teacher there for three years before heading to the gold fields of California in 1850. Tiring of life as a gold miner Starkweather moved to Oregon in December of 1850. He taught school and farmed a donation land claim in Linn County. In 1853 he moved to Clackamas County and married Eliza Gordon.

He served in the territorial legislature from 1854 to 1857.

Starkweather was a Clackamas County delegate to the constitutional convention and was a member of the Committee on Education and School Lands. At the time of the convention he was identified as a Democrat. After the Civil War he became affiliated with the Republican Party.

From 1861 to 1865 Starkweather was the register of the U.S. Land Office in Oregon City. He served as state senator from 1881 to 1883.

William Starkweather died in Clackamas County on April 22, 1905.

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