Biographical Sketch of Thomas Whitted

Thomas Whitted

Thomas C. Whitted
Born 1819
Died after 1880
Douglas County delegate

Thomas C. Whitted was born in Maury County, Tennessee on January 5, 1819. He came to Oregon in 1850 and settled in Douglas County where he filed for a donation land claim.

Whitted was elected to represent Douglas County at the constitutional convention. He served on the Committee on Military Affairs. He supported P. B. Marple regarding the contested election for delegate from Coos County and offered the resolution that eventually allowed Marple to claim the seat.

Whitted married Delia Rudd in Roseburg on June 21, 1860. From 1870 to 1880, Whitted lived in Coos County but no record can be found to confirm when or where he died.

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