Oregon Constitution Crossword Puzzle

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Crossword Puzzle

1 First governor of state of Oregon
4 Powerful Oregon U.S. senator in late 1800s
8 Financier-promoter who connected Oregon railroad to East in 1883
10 Business entity with stockholders
14 State office proposed to be combined with governor function to save money
15 Crop that became important on the Columbia Plateau in late 1800s
17 A 1914 Oregon constitutional amendment that made alcohol illegal
18 First governor of Oregon Territory
20 Dominant political party in 1850s Oregon
22 Father of Oregon direct legislation
28 A group of leaders of powerful political machine based in the capital in 1850s Oregon
30 Oregon women's rights leader in late 1800s and early 1900s
31 The approval of the constitution by voters and Congress
33 The type of Oregon government formed in 1843
34 Transportation mode that transformed Oregon in late 1800s
35 Abraham Lincoln's party
39 Oregon Constitutional Convention president
40 California event that brought the "Forty-niners"
42 Profession of delegates who sat on judicial committee at convention
44 Umpqua County delegate who left convention early
45 City that hosted the constitutional convention
46 Season that would bring muddy roads to legislative sessions

2 System that allows voters to initiate changes in constitution
3 Occupation of most of the constitutional convention delegates
5 Type of mining that used huge water cannons
6 Hudson's Bay Company chief factor at Fort Vancouver
7 Coin that convention delegates wanted to pinch
9 Editor of Oregon Statesman newspaper
11 A wave of interest in migrating to Oregon
12 President who secured treaty with Great Britain in 1846
13 State constitution most copied by Oregon constitutional convention delegates
16 U.S. president in late 1850s
19 A type of law that prohibited blacks from living in Oregon
21 The type of Oregon government formed in 1848
23 Mountain range proposed as eastern boundary of Oregon
24 A person usually designated to record convention debates
25 Prominent initiative activist beginning in 1990s
26 Southern Oregon town proposed as state capital
27 A right that Oregon women won in 1912
29 1860s event that caused numerous state conventions in the South
32 The major issue in the United States before the Civil War
36 First name of an influential orator at constitutional convention
37 Farm organization that fought against monopolies in late 1800s
38 Oregonian newspaper editor in 1850s
41 Type of fish that was canned on the Columbia River
43 County that covered all of eastern Oregon in 1857

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