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1. Who was in charge of Fort Vancouver during much of the fur trading era?
a. John Wesley Powell
b. Peter Skene Ogden
c. John McLoughlin
d. John Jacob Astor

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2. Which of the following was NOT a cause of the Whitman Massacre?
a. Measles epidemic
b. Too many white settlers coming onto Cayuse Indian land
c. Whitman forcing Indians to follow white ways
d. The exchange rate between white and Indian currency

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3. What was Oregon Fever?
a. A wave of interest in migrating to Oregon
b. A form of malaria
c. Flu-like symptoms caused by rainy environment
d. A phenomenon similar to cabin fever

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4. What was NOT brought by territorial status for Oregon?
a. Political patronage jobs
b. Federal money for public buildings and roads
c. A delegate who could vote in the Congress
d. Construction of new Army forts

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5. What event triggered the formation of a provisional government in Oregon?
a. Menacing actions by British soldiers
b. The death of wealthy Ewing Young
c. Democratic Party organizing meeting
d. A Hudson's Bay Company move to impose taxes

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6. What was the "Salem Clique"?
a. The original members of Jason Lee's mission
b. A traditional dance society
c. A civic improvement organization
d. A group of leaders of a Democratic Party political machine in Oregon

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7. What state was NOT among those with large numbers migrating to Oregon?
a. Missouri
b. Rhode Island
c. Indiana
d. Iowa

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8. Who was the editor of the Oregon Statesman newspaper?
a. Asahel Bush
b. Thomas Dryer
c. William Adams
d. Horace Greeley

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9. What was the "Free State Letter"?
a. An effort to prove that slavery in Oregon was a bad idea economically
b. The call to make Oregon a state that would be free of taxation
c. The proposal to give away land in Oregon to attract settlers
d. The demand that freedom of speech and religion be honored

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10. What did the Holmes v. Ford court case represent?
a. A judicial ruling that corporations were not liable for their debts
b. A court case that took land away from Indians in Oregon
c. A court case declaring women's property rights
d. A judicial ruling that slavery was illegal in Oregon
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