Chronology of Events

John McLoughlin

1784 - John McLoughlin was born in Riviere du Loup, St. Lawrence, Canada.

1798 - Begins medical apprenticeship.

1803 - Begins the practice of medicine in Montreal. After a few months attaches himself to the North West Company as resident physician at Fort William, on Lake Superior.

1812 - McLoughlin marries Marguerite Waden McKay, by whom he had four children.

1821 - North West Company merges with Hudson's Bay Company. McLoughlin is put in charge of Hudson's Bay Company's Fort William on Lake Superior.

1824 - The Hudson's Bay Company sends McLoughlin west to become Chief Factor of the Columbia District with headquarters then at Fort George, at the mouth of the Columbia River.

1825 - The headquarters are transferred to Ft. Vancouver.

1827 - McLoughlin oversees the building of the first lumber mill in the Pacific Northwest.

1829 - The Hudson's Bay Company, under Dr. McLoughlin, takes a land claim at "The Falls" and encourages former trappers to settle nearby in French Prairie.

1834 - Jason Lee is welcomed and aided by Dr. McLoughlin.

1836 - Marcus and Narcissa Whitman are welcomed to Fort Vancouver by Dr. McLoughlin.

1842 - McLoughlin surveys and lays out the town site of Oregon City, replacing the commonly used name of Willamette Falls.

1842 - John McLoughlin, Jr. (the doctor's second son) is shot and killed.

1842 - Doctor McLoughlin becomes a Roman Catholic.

1842 - The first four American migrations (1842 - 1845) are protected, aided and supplied by Dr. McLoughlin.

1843 - Hudson's Bay Company opens a store in Oregon City.

1844 - Oregon City is incorporated by the Provisional Government.

1846 - McLoughlin leaves service of Hudson's Bay Company and takes up residence at Oregon City.

1848 - Joseph McLoughlin (oldest child of Dr. McLoughlin) dies near Champoeg, Oregon.

1849 - John McLoughlin and Robert Moore make application to the county court to keep a ferry across the Willamette River "to and from Oregon and Linn counties."

1849 - McLoughlin makes Declaration of Intention to become an American citizen.

1850 - A clause is inserted into the Oregon donation land law which strips McLoughlin of his land claim near Willamette Falls.

1851 - McLoughlin becomes an American citizen.

1851- Doctor McLoughlin is elected mayor of Oregon City.

1857 - Doctor John McLoughlin dies.

1889 - A portrait of John McLoughlin is accepted by Governor Pennoyer and placed in the Oregon Senate chamber.

1941 - The McLoughlin house is designated as a National Historic Site by the United States Department of the Interior.

1953 - A statue of Dr. John McLoughlin is unveiled in the National Statuary Hall in Washington D.C.

1957 - Dr. John McLoughlin given title "Father of Oregon" by Oregon Legislative Assembly.

1970 - Dr. and Mrs. John McLoughlin's graves are moved to Oregon City.

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