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Original records held by the Oregon State Archives bearing the name of John McLoughlin include citizenship records, land claims, correspondence, U. S. District Court testimony, tax assessment rolls, his probate case file, circuit court case files, and various petitions to the provisional and territorial governments.

The following documents and publications relate to McLoughlin:

U. S. Census, Clackamas County, 1850.

Secretary of State, framed picture of John McLoughlin.

Clackamas County naturalization citizenship application record, 1849-1851.

Clackamas County Probate Court case file, 1857-1858.

Clackamas County Circuit Court case records, 1845-1850.

Oregon Statuary Committee, minutes and other records of the committee for the statues of Dr. John McLoughlin and Rev. Jason Lee in the United States Capitol Building, Washington D. C., 1945-1953.

The Oregon Archives

: Including the Journals, Governors Messages and Public Papers of Oregon published La Fayette Grover, Commissioner, 1853.

The following numbered documents from the Oregon Provisional and Territorial Government Documents collection also relate to McLoughlin:

#35 Signer of road petition n.d.

#60 Signer of petition to abolish intoxicants, 1849

#420 Statement regarding disposal of lots at Oregon City, 1850

#444 Remonstrance against petition for opening road through his claim, n. d.

#684 Petition to grant Robert Moore and McLoughlin a joint license to run ferry, n. d.

#705 Petition of Ermatinger for McLoughlin to run ferry, n. d.

#731 Signer of bond of Francis Ermatinger, 1845

#863 Tax List, Oregon City, 1846

#1035 Answer to complaint re Oregon City claim (11 pages), n. d.

#1083 Constitution Committee to consult, 1841

#1385 Letter to A. L. Lovejoy, 1844

#1386 Letter from H.A.G. Lee, J.M. Garrison, and B. Lee re provisional government, 1845

#1387 Letter to George Abernethy concerning the "Peacock", 1846

#1388 Indenture between McLoughlin and Burns lease of ferry, 1845

#1389 Letter from D. Hill, R. Newell and P. H. Hatch concerning road, 1845

#1390 Petition for ferry license, Oregon City, 1845

#1391 Application for ferry license, Oregon City - Robin's Nest, 1845

#1392 Letter to Osborne Russell and P. G. Stuart, Executive Committee, 1845

#1393 Letter to D. Hill, R. Newell, and P. H. Hatch concerning road, 1845

#1394 Letter to J. McClure, J. W. Smith and J. Applegate concerning the "Peacock", 1845

#1395 Petition for extension of time to build canal around Willamette Falls, n. d.

#1396 Petition for ferry, n. d.

#1397 Petition to construct canal, n. d.

#1408 Letter to Executive Committee concerning Williamson claim, 1845

#1409 Letter to Executive Committee concerning Williamson claim, 1845

#1815 List of voters, Clackamas County, 1849

#1905 Election returns, Clackamas County, 1852

#2499 Letter to Cornelius Rogers, 1842

#2502 Letter to Cornelius Rogers, 1841

#2506 Letter to Cornelius Rogers, 1841

#2526 Letter to Cornelius Rogers, 1842

#3268 Petition against repeal of Oregon City incorporation, 1850

#3452 Census, Clackamas County, 1849

#3563 Petition to construct break water and locks, n. d.

#4373 Signer of petition for water works, Oregon City, 1851

#4529 Signer of petition for the incorporation of the Rockville Canal Company, 1852

#4540 Signer of petition for road from Oregon City to Corvallis, n. d.

#5448 Resolution of thanks for help to early settlers, n. d.

#5518 Signer of petition for reprieve of Nimrod O'Kelly, n. d.

#7476 Signer of petition for support of insane persons, n. d.

#9085 Witness to bond of Joseph Sloan, 1857

#10568 Signer of recommendation for J. N. Banker as notary public in Clackamas County, n. d.

#11818 Petition of S. S. White re lot bought from Dr. McLoughlin, 1859

#12194 Census, Clackamas County, 1845

#12196 Letter to J. W. Smith, H.A.G. etc. re "articles of compact", 1845

#12197 Letter to McClure, J. Applegate, etc. re provisional government, 1845

#12275 Assessment Roll, Clackamas County, 1856

#12275A Assessment Roll, Clackamas County, 1857

#12277B Assessment Roll, Marion County, 1855

#12277C Assessment Roll, Marion County, 1856

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