Silver Creek and the Civilian Conservation Corps

regon was a major site for CCC camps. In 1940, Oregon had 61 camps statewide and employed well over 2000 men. It ranked second only to California in states west of the Mississippi in terms of the number of camps. One of these camps was Silver Creek Falls, located just east of Salem.

Among the many projects completed by the CCC at Silver Creek Falls was the renovation of buildings, installation of bathrooms, creation of picnic areas, and the development and improvement of many trails including the construction of bridges across the rivers in the park area. Blueprints documented the plans. CCC camps in Oregon also worked on forest fighting crews and on forest reclamation projects.

Silver Falls State Park

Tattler newsletter

While time was set aside for fun, these camps had strict rules of behavior. Work was also closely regulated. Reports on progress were expected regularly. And costs were carefully documented.

Thousands of young people from across the country were employed in Oregon CCC camps over nearly ten years. The CCC ended in 1942 when the United States became fully involved in World War II. Oregonians continue to enjoy the products of their hard work at parks and forests around the state.

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