Information about the Images

The Copperfield Controversy: Martial Law Declared:

Photograph of West (edited): State Library Records.

Proclamation re: Martial Law: Secretary of State Official Documents.

Letter from Governor West to Attorney General from West re: incorporation: Department of Justice Correspondence.

Telegram from Governor West to Sheriff Rand: Department of Justice file.

Fern Hobbs takes on Wide-Open Copperfield:

Cartoon of Fern Hobbs: Oregonian, April 5, 1936.

Telegram from Governor West to the mayor of Copperfield: Department of Justice file.

Newspaper photograph of Fern Hobbs: Oregonian, 1914.

Letter from local observer to Attorney General: Department of Justice file.

Morning reports for Copperfield detachment: Military Department Records, Military reports.

Governor's Actions Challenged in Oregon Supreme Court:

Newspaper article on Baker County Circuit Court verdict: Oregonian, January 20, 1914.

Newspaper article on Supreme Court verdict: Oregonian, November 25, 1914.

Supreme Court appellant's abstract of record: Supreme Court Case Files #2118.

Supreme Court respondent's brief: Supreme Court Case Files #2118.

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