Governor's Actions Challenged in Oregon Supreme Court

State officials harshly criticized Governor West for sending Miss Hobbs, since she was only his personal secretary. Lawsuits against the Governor and several of the "principals" including Miss Hobbs were filed by William Weigard, a Copperfield city council member and one of the saloon proprietors.

The suits challenged the Governor's authority to declare martial law. The Baker County Circuit Court found that powers granted to the governor "cannot be taken away from him by the court, even should he abuse powers." It also maintained that the National Guard assumed the position of peace officers in Copperfield and that the governor could "act in his own discretion" as head of the executive branch of state government.

The case eventually went all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court. The Supreme Court upheld the lower court rulings that found the Governor had acted within his authority as Chief Executive.


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Newspaper clipping and court transcripts

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