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Legislative Publications and Records:

Oregon Laws

Oregon Revised Statutes

Legislative Bill Files, Minutes, and Exhibits

Aerosol Spray Ban: SB 771 (1975)

Beach Bill: HB 1601 (1967)

Bottle Bill: HB 1036 (1971)

Field Burning: SB 311 (1975)

Land Use: SB 100 (1973)

Hazardous Waste Clean-up/Super Fund: SB 122 (1987)

Oregon Recreation Trails System Act: SB 126 (1971)

Willamette River Greenway Act: HB 2497 (1973)

Park System: HB 1770 (1967)

Oregon Reforestation Law: Secretary of State Enrolled Bills (1929)

Forest Conservation Act: Legislative Bill Files (1941)

Oregon Forest Practices Act: HB 1624 (1971); HB 3396 (1987)

Archives Holdings:

Forestry Department Records-87A-036; 97A-008

Department of Transportation Records: Willamette River Greenway Records

Willamette Valley Environmental Protection and Development Planning Council Records-84A-052

Department of Agriculture Records-92A-025

Land Use Board of Appeals Records-96A-025

Land Conservation and Development Department Records-96A-026

Agencies to Contact:

Land Conservation and Development Department

Department of Agriculture

Department of Environmental Quality

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Department of Forestry

Department of Transportation

Water Resources Department

Department of Energy

Land Use Board of Appeals

Parks and Recreation Department

Also see individual county land use planning offices.

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