Recent Legislation and the Environment


Thirty years later the 1971 Oregon Forest Practices Act became the first law of its kind in the United States to allow and regulate forest operations while protecting the forest environment. After considerable debate, the Legislative Assembly passed this act established rules for timber harvesting, the use of chemicals, slash disposal, reforestation, road construction and maintenance, and other activities that have an impact on the forest environment. The State Forester could issue citations to violators who could then appeal to the Board of Forestry or a local circuit court. A primary goal was to reduce incidents of pollution such as that in the example shown below.

Oregon's evolving environmental legislation continued in 1987 when after numerous committee public hearings and work sessions the Legislative Assembly passed HB 3396. This latest Oregon Forest Practices Act was amended to include all regulation of forest and land use practices.

Forest practices have not been the only area of innovation by the Legislative Assembly. Other notable environmental bills passed in Oregon include:

  • Aerosol Spray Ban, SB 771 (1975)
  • Beach Bill, HB 1601 (1967)
  • Bottle Bill, HB 1036 (1971)
  • Field Burning, SB 311 (1975)
  • Land Use, SB 100 (1973)
  • Hazardous Waste Cleanup-Super Fund Bill, SB 122 (1987)
  • Oregon Recreation Trails System Act, SB 126 (1971)
  • Willamette River Greenway Act, HB 2497 (1973)
  • Park System, HB 1770 (1967)

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