Growth in Holdings and Staff

The State Archives grew enormously during its 27 year existence as a division of the State Library, but it could have grown much faster. At times archival acquisitions nearly came to a standstill due to a lack of space. With minor variations, the amount of holdings stagnated at around 12,000 cubic feet from 1960 to 1972. Accessions of county records other than selected records from the territorial period were halted in the 1960s.26 State agencies were often told to maintain their own historical records until the State Archives could accommodate them.27 Nevertheless, statistics bear out the overall growth. Starting with 406 cubic feet in 1946, the State Archives by 1972 included over 12,000 cubic feet of archival holdings and almost 37,000 cubic feet of records center holdings.28

The growth in the number of employees in the Archives Division followed a similarly sporadic pattern. The first professional staff position was created in 1948 when Duniway's secretary was promoted to the position of archival assistant. In 1957 the position of records examiner was created to specialize with records management issues. Technical and reference archivist positions were also created. But in spite of increasing responsibilities and the explosion in the creation of government records, no new professional staff positions were added for well over a decade.29 By 1972 Archives Division staff numbered 10, including three archivists, one records examiner, and four technical positions.30

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