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Color photograph of David Duniway: Donation from George Strozut.

The Duniway Years at the State Archives,1946-1972:

Black and white photograph of David Duniway and researcher: Archives Records Group.

Duniway resume: State Library Records, box 27, folder 43.

Contributions to the Local Historical Community:

Deepwood House drawing by Bernard Eubanks from "Prints of Old Salem."

Salem Capitol Journal, September 21, 1976.

"Historic Marion" bulletin of the Marion County Historical Society, April 1983.

Bush House drawing by Bernard Eubanks from "Prints of Old Salem."

Publications by David Duniway:

Most of the publications listed are available at the Oregon State Library or the Marion County Historical Society.

David C. Duniway: A Memorial

Black and white photograph courtesy of Al Jones.

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