Publications by David Duniway

"The Oregon Archives" coverSalem Guide (1959)

How Laws Affect Libraries (1961)

How Laws Affect Records (1961)

An Institute for Training in Librarianship: an institute in archival librarianship held at the University of Oregon, Eugene (September 22 1969-August 14, 1970)

Coos County Election Precincts, 1854-1880 (1948)

The Oregon Archives, 1841-1843 (1971)

Have you an Oregon Ancestor? (1950)

What You Can Write About the History of Your Home Town (1948)

Your State Archives and Its Services To You (1971)

Histories Relative to Heritage Village (1990)

Dr. Luke A. Port, Builder of Deepwood: an urban report from England to Salem, Oregon and San Diego, California (1989)

A Study of the Nuremberg Chronicle (1941)

South Salem Past (1987)

1859-1959, Salem State Centennial Guide (1959)

Observations on the Character of the Westward Movement (1947)

Notes on the History of Wasco County (from a speech given to the Wasco County Pioneer Association, May 4, 1946)

The Eugene City in 1860 (1947)

Spinning and Weaving Wool: the men and women of the mill [text by Harry H. Stein; introduction by David Duniway; research by Anna Hawley, book design by Katherine Valentine Hannon] ( 1985)

Oregon Statesman Index, 1850-1866 [indexed by W.P.A. Newspaper Index Project; sponsored by Oregon Historical Society; Society editors, David Duniway, Barbara Elkins (1982)

Glimpses of Historic South Salem (1982)

The Building of Deepwood (1979)

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