Biographical Sketches of the Graphic Artists

Frank G. Hutchinson (1872-1973) studied at the Boston Drawing School from 1891 to 1893 before working as an architectural draftsman and teacher. He joined the Oregon Highway Department in 1935 and worked past his eightieth birthday until his retirement in 1953. The Highway Commission paid tribute to Hutchinson's contributions in 1972 in celebration of his one-hundredth birthday. His most noteworthy accomplishments were drawings of five major Oregon coastal bridges, four of which are represented here.

Frank Hutchinson

Harold Spooner



Harold L. Spooner (1912-1979) studied at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon before joining the Highway Department in 1941. After a period of work in the Bridge Section, he became a landscape architect for the department. According to his wife, Spooner was a perfectionist: "He would work on a drawing until it was right, whether it took a day or a month." His dramatic 1950 drawing of Multnomah Falls (featured in the Columbia River Highway exhibit case) typifies his best work.

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