Oregon Coast Bridges: Spans to the Future

Alsea Bay Bridge, Waldport

Alsea Bay Bridge, Waldport


Frank Hutchinson's renderings of the coastal bridges employed considerable use of topographical features and foreground detail. A comparison of the Yaquina Bay Bridge drawing with a photograph from a similar perspective displays the accuracy of his work.

His drawings heralded the 1936 completion of the toll-free bridges that opened up 400 miles of unbroken highway along the Oregon coast. The new, more accessible coast road boosted tourism and commerce and took its place as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Ferries, which regularly crossed the rivers or estuaries before the completion of the bridges, were soon a fading memory.

Coos Bay BridgeCoos Bay Bridge

Siuslaw River Bridge at FlorenceSiuslaw River Bridge at Florence

Yaquina Bay Bridge at NewportYaquina Bay Bridge at Newport (close-up of north end of bridge)

Yaquina Bay Bridge at NewportYaquina Bay Bridge at Newport (close-up of south end of bridge)

Photograph of Yaquina Bay BridgePhotograph of Yaquina Bay Bridge


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