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USS Arizona sinks

Pearl Harbor Remembered: Oregonians and the Attack on Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona sinks

The USS Arizona sinks in Pearl Harbor. This photograph is probably similar to those taken by Del Bradford. (Photo courtesy of the USS Arizona Memorial)

The Arizona Sinks

Del Bradford, a resident of Salem, Oregon, took pictures of the Arizona sinking into Pearl Harbor that later appeared in Life magazine. Bradford served as a merchant marine on the SS Tydolgas, a ship that steamed into Pearl Harbor a mere three hours after the attack. The Tydolgas, which was carrying 14,000 gallons of aviation fuel, had been scheduled to arrive at eight in the morning. However, mechanical problems 60 miles off shore delayed its arrival and saved the ship and crew from the bombing.

Minutes after Bradford's ship docked, a Life magazine representative noticed him taking pictures and offered to buy the negatives for $250. The man took the film and several days later the photographs of the sinking of the USS Arizona appeared in the magazine.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, Dec. 7, 1991 special section

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