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Oregon at War! American soldiers marching through gas shelled French town.
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The Marion County "Doughboy" statue now on the state capitol mall near the Veterans' Building. (OSA, Scenic Photographs)

The Marion County "Doughboy" statue now on the state capitol mall near the Veterans' Building. (OSA, Scenic Photographs)

Although the records of the Oregon State Defense Council provide a unique and colorful perspective on the state and its citizens during World War I, other records complement and expand the view. The following Oregon State Archives record groups also relate to World War I or its aftermath:

Oregon Military Department
The records of the Oregon Military Department cover actions from 1847 to 1986. The records consist of over 300 cubic feet of correspondence, reports, maps, photographs, and related items. For more information, see the searchable records guide on this Web site.
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World War Veterans' State Aid Commission
The records of this commission document the management of loans and bonuses paid to World War I and Spanish-American War veterans. The commission was abolished in 1943 when its duties were transferred to the State Land Board. The records consist of about 40 cubic feet of minutes, correspondence, indexes, registers, reports, photographs, and related items dating from 1921 to 1951.
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Oregon Soldiers' and Sailors' Commission
The records of this commission document efforts to provide jobs and financial assistance to veterans of World War I. The commission was abolished in 1936. The records consist of 10 cubic feet of correspondence, applications, case files, and claims from 1919 to 1925.
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Oregon Secretary of State
This record group includes additional "Soldiers' and Sailors' Commission Records." The records consist of .40 cubic foot of minutes, reports, correspondence, financial documents, and related items from 1920 to 1936.

Oregon Department of State Lands
This record group includes World War Veterans State Aid Commission Blanket Release of Mortgages," 1938, .25 cubic foot. The records document the release of mortgages on deeds taken in lieu of foreclosure. The series consists of one volume of lists of released mortgages. Information includes name of mortgage, mortgage date, location of mortgage record, and county. Subjects include government lending, loan requests, and land ownership.

Oregon State Board of Control
This record group includes "Ex-Servicemen in State Employment Survey," 1938, .10 cubic foot. The records document a Board of Control survey used to determine the number of veterans working for the state. The survey includes agency breakdown by war, widows, and orphans. The records also include correspondence, questionnaires, and individual service records.

County records
These record groups include "Veterans' Property Tax Exemption Oath Records" (documenting World War I and other service). The records document a state law that provided for a $1,000 exemption to qualified veterans. The information often includes name of veteran; war, service branch and unit of service; property description; address; and date.

delta Clackamas County, 1938-1952, 2 cubic feet.
delta Jackson County, 1923-1944, 2 cubic feet.
delta Yamhill County, 1927-1936, .75 cubic foot.