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Oregon at War! American soldiers marching through gas shelled French town.
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World War Veterans' State Aid Commission Records
These records are available at the Oregon State Archives.

Series title
Biennial Reports 1923-1940 .1 cu. ft.
Bond Issue Reports 1921-1951 .1 cu. ft.
Commission Correspondence 1921-1943 1.5 cu. ft.
Commission Minutes 1921-1943 11 vols.
Commission Reports 1926-1940 .5 cu. ft.
Financial Status Reports 1924-1943 2 cu. ft.
General Journals 1921-1933 2 vols.
General Ledger trial balances 1922-1923 .1 cu. ft.
Initial Application Index 1921-1938 13.5 cu. ft.
Loan and Bonus Application Register 1921-1938 1 cu. ft.
Loan Application index 1921-1938 12 cu. ft.
Mortgage Loan Inspector’s Reports 1923-1929 .25 cu. ft.
Mortgage Release Registers (includes index) 1922-1943 5.5 cu. ft.
Photographs (Klamath Irrigation/Tule Lake) 1927 & n.d. .25 cu. ft.
Property Analysis Ledger 1930-1940 .1 cu. ft.