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Oregon at War! American soldiers marching through gas shelled French town.
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Howard Pettengill of Newberg (Merchant Marine)

  William B. Davis of Ashland (Army)
  Milton Pugh of Albany (Army-Spruce Production)
  William Anderson of Eastside (Navy)

The following resources provide more opportunities for learning. The "related record groups" offer descriptions of the records of the Oregon Military Department, Soldiers' and Sailors' Commission, and more. The "learning resources" help students and researchers focus on some important concepts related to the exhibit. The "related resources" connect viewers with broader perspectives of World War I. And the "research and use options" include information about the Defense Council record group and how to conduct research and order copies of records and photographs.

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Related resources
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Exhibit by Gary Halvorson, Senior Archivist

Additional assistance:
Planalp diary transcription: Rhonda Lester; Reviewers: Oregon State Archives - Layne Sawyer, Roy Turnbaugh.

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Howard Pettengill of Newberg (Merchant Marine); William B. Davis of Ashland (Army); Milton Pugh of Albany (Army-Spruce Production); William Anderson of Eastside (Navy) (OSA, Oregon State Defense Council Records, World War I Personnel Photographs)