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An e-mail policy and procedures instructing employees on how to implement the policy, can be an agency's greatest strength during lawsuits and audits.  The cost of formulating an e-mail policy is minimal when compared to the potential liability if the agency is left exposed to litigation. Dont send confidential or other sensitive information in e-mail, either in the message text or as an attachment.
Each e-mail message must be categorized, classified and retained according to its content.
In Oregon, paper and microform are the only storage media approved for long-term preservation of records. State law prohibits the destruction of e-mail or any other records not listed on a current retention schedule.  The law also prohibits the destruction of records before their retention period has been reached. Many record types can be sent via e-mail, so when referring to the retention schedules make sure to look for the type of record based on the content of the e-mail.