Military Records

See the Oregon Military Department Records Guide, 1847-1986 for an agency history, images, web links, and detailed descriptions of Oregon Military Department records held by the Oregon State Archives. Also see the Life on the Home Front and Oregon at War exhibits.

Brief Overview
The records of the Military Department held by the Oregon State Archives consist of correspondence, reports, public relations releases, claim files, minutes, bonds, election returns, maps, photographs, enlistment and service records, plans, orders, medical case records, legal case records, muster rolls, rosters, logs, and applications.

While most of the Military Department's activities are documented, the picture is more completely drawn during war periods. The records of Oregon's Indian wars - Cayuse (1847-1850), Rogue River (1855-1856), Modoc (1872-1873), Bannock (1878), and Umatilla (1878) - document the formation and deployment of military units, logistics and supply, arms used, campaign strategy, political activities, inter-tribal relations, the relationship of the Oregon Military Department to the U.S. Armed Forces and local civilians, and methods of financing the wars.

Oregon's participation in United States' wars is also documented. The Civil War (1861-1865), the Spanish American War and subsequent Philippine pacification (1898-1902), the Mexican Border War (1916), World War I (1916-1918), and the Vietnam War (1961-1973) are all represented in the records of the Military Department.

In addition to war-time activities, the records of the Military Department document the creation and maintenance of soldiers homes and hospitals, the payment of veteran's claims, emergency mobilization planning, the surveillance of communists, riot suppression, emergency forest fire control, the creation of the Oregon Naval Militia (1911-1927), the building and maintenance of armories, the creation of National Guard units, the development of rules and regulations governing the Military Department, and the role of the Military Department in the federal military system.

Following is a listing of series available in the Archives Division. A history of the Military Department and descriptions of these series is found in the Records of the Oregon Military Department finding aid in the Reference Room.

Series Listing
3rd Infantry Regiment Correspondence (1899-1911)
82nd Infantry Brigade Memorandums (1924-1936)
82nd Infantry Brigade Training Program (1927-1928)
142nd Fighter Group Records (1953-1966)
Adjutant General's Association of the United States Records (1965-1985)
Adjutant General's Correspondence (1847-1986)
Adjutant General's Reports (1848-1974)
Air National Guard Maneuvers Public Relations Release (1950)
Air National Guard Survey Report (1948)
Annual Organized Militia Reports (1892-1915)
Armory and Target Range Correspondence (1911-1953)
Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee Records (1967-1980)
Association of the United States Army and Army Advisors Records (1965-1978)
Bannock Indian War Claim Records (1878-1891)
Barrington Report Records (1952-1955)
Blueprints and Drawings (1927-1948)
Board of Military Auditors Minutes (1864-1874)
Building Contracts and Specifications (1917-1963)
Cayuse Indian War Bonds (1847-1850)
Cayuse Indian War Claim Records (1847-1858)
Civil War Bounty Certificate Register (1865)
Civil War Bounty Claim Records (1865-1868)
Civil War Expense Claim Records (1860-1868)
Commendation/Appreciation Correspondence (1966-1986)
Communist Activity Intelligence Reports (1932-1939)
Company Officers Election Returns (1856)
Conference and Seminar Records (1964-1986)
Delinquency Committee Docket (1887-1890)
Delinquency Court Docket (1901-1907)
Disallowed Indian War Claim Records (1903-1917)
Enlistment and Service Records (1847-1920, 1930-1977)
Ephemera (1894-1917)
Federal Enlistment Rosters (1916)
Field Training Records (1937)
Flood Emergency Manual (1949)
General Orders (1856-1986)
General Staff Meeting Minutes (1887-1926)
Governor's Correspondence (1855-1856)
Governor's Proclamations (1854-1855)
Indian Discharge Certificates (1872-1875)
Indian War Horse Use Claim Records (1913)
Jacksonville Oregon Volunteers Hospital Patient Record (1855-1856)
Legislative Assembly Records (1847-1858)
Management Survey Report (1978)
Military Association Records (1970-1973)
Military Camp Records (1931-1983)
Military Court Case Records (1884-1958)
Military Holiday Observances Records (1971-1985)
Military Museum Records (1976-1981)
Military Reserve Records (1965-1985)
Military Rolls (1863-1895)
Military Unit Records (1917-1948)
Mobilization Plans (1928-1940)
Modoc Indian War Campaign Journal (1873)
Modoc Indian War Claim Certificates (1873-1874)
Modoc Indian War Supply Records (1870-1878)
Modoc Indian War Vouchers (1872-1887)
Morning Reports (1855-1949)
Muster Rolls (1850-1936)
National Guard Association of the United States Records (1965-1986)
National Guard Bureau Records (1965-1982)
Naval Board Minutes (1911-1921)
Non-Resident Service Record Abstracts (1941-1944)
Officers' Federal Service Record (1887-1922)
Oregon Servicemen Vietnam War Casualty Lists (1961-1968)
Oregon Soldiers Home Discipline Ledger (1894-1927)
Oregon Soldiers Home Patient Histories (1894-1933)
Oregon Soldiers Home Patient Histories Index (1894-1933)
Oregon Soldiers' Home Applications (1894-1933)
Petitions (1855-1906)
Portland Armory Cornerstone Contents (1887-1968)
Public Auction Sale Reports (1856)
Quartermaster's Correspondence (1855-1859)
Rogue River Indian War Claim Records (1853-1859)
Rogue River Indian War Enlistment Rosters (1854-1858)
Rogue River Indian War Maps (1855-1856)|
Rogue River Indian War Supply Records (1853-1857)
Selective Service System Records (1980)
Service Medal Applications (1905-1916, 1929)
Spanish American War Muster Vouchers (1902-1910)
Special Orders (1848-1858, 1918-1976)
Speeches (1976-1978)
Surgeon General's Correspondence (1856)
U.S. Comptroller's Correspondence (1852-1859)
U.S.S. Boston Steam Log (1912-1916)
Unit Orders (1927-1968)
Umatilla Indian War Claim Register (1877-1879)
Umatilla Reservation Peace Council Minutes (1878)
Unit Activity Reports (1847-1929)
Unit Inspection Reports (1863-1928)
Unit Orders (1886-1916)
Unit Organization Records (1849-1913)
Unit Rosters (1865-1939)
Vietnamese Conflict Veterans Correspondence (1970-1986)
Voluntary Enlistment Defense Test Records (1925)
Wild Horse Rangers' Meeting Minutes (1878-1880)
Work Projects Administration Records (1935-1942)

Other Oregon Sources
State of Oregon Military Department
Office of the Adjutant General
1776 Militia Way SE
Salem, OR 97309-5047
Telephone (503) 378-3890

Oregon Military Museum
Camp Withycombe
Clackamas, OR 97015-9150
Telephone (503) 657-6806

Federal Military Records
To order federal military records (pension application files, bounty-land warrant application files, military service records) prior to World War I write to:

General Reference Branch (NNRG) National Archives and Records Administration
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20408

For records relating to service in World War I or II, or subsequent service write to:

National Personnel Records Center (Military Records) NARA
9700 Page Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132

Published Sources
The following published sources are available in the Reference Room. They are useful in researching military records:

Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C., 1985

The Source A guidebook of American Genealogy by Arlene Eakle & Johni Cerny, published by Ancestry Publishing Company, 1984

*Register of Federal United States Military Records, A guide to Manuscript Sources Available at the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City and the National Archives in Washington, D.C., Volume 1: 1775-1860, Volume 2: The Civil War, and Volume 3: 1866-World War II and Records of Various Branches of the Military, by Marilyn Deputy, Pat Barben, and the U.S./ Canada Reference Staff and Volunteers, Genealogical Library The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Heritage Books, Inc. 1986

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