Governor Victor G. Atiyeh's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative Correspondence, 1979-1986.

Affirmative Action Case Correspondence, 1979-1985.

Affirmative Action Office Correspondence, 1979-1985.

Affirmative Action Reports, 1984-1985.

Army Corps of Engineers Letters, 1979-1986.

Governor's Speeches, 1978-1987.

Issue Research Correspondence, 1979-1987.

Natural Resources Correspondence, 1979-1984.

Press Releases, 1979-1987.

Proclamations, 1979-1986.

Transition Correspondence, 1978-1979.


Governor's Speeches


.75 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date of speech.

Series documents speeches given by Governor Victor Atiyeh before political groups, students, legislators, and citizens. Speeches contain prepared text, date, and group being addressed. Topics include natural resources, economic development, the Republican party, and employment.


Army Corps of Engineers Letters


7.2 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date of letter.

Series documents Governor Atiyeh's approval or disapproval of United States Army Corps of Engineers projects in Oregon. Series includes letters from the Governor and other state officials, public notices of application for project permits, permit applications, publications relating to projects, and agency response lists. Projects include river dredging, shore developments, erosion control, bridges, water, land, and the environment.


Affirmative Action Reports


6 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date of report.

Series documents employment levels of state workers by race, sex, and age. Computer printout reports list the number of employes representing a particular race, age, or sex group. Reports show employe salary ranges, separation, position class, certificates of eligibles, and employment movement.


Affirmative Action Office Correspondence


3 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by correspondent.

Series documents the activities of the Governor's Affirmative Action office. Records include correspondence, office publications, agency reports, annual and biennial reports, directors letters, and Governor's memo's and statements. Topics include race relations, minority hiring practices, the Black Affairs and Hispanic Commissions, the Commission for Women, affirmative action workshops for state workers, Discovery (women in state government), minority businesses, and volunteers.


Affirmative Action Case Correspondence


4 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by agency name.

Series documents Affirmative Action office involvement in employment discrimination cases at state agencies and universities. Records include correspondence, news clippings, and reports. Topics include age, race, and sex discrimination in employment.


Natural Resources Correspondence


23 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by department or agency name.

Series documents the activities of the Governor's Natural Resource Office. Records include correspondence, reports, and publications. Series also includes records from the Western Governor's Conference, "1000 Friends of Oregon," and Rajneeshpuram. Topics include agriculture, energy, land management, the Columbia River Gorge, fishing, wildlife, Indian policies, parks, utilities, and water resources.


Issue Research Correspondence


10 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject.

Series is used to track various state and national issues. Records include correspondence, news clippings, pamphlets, brochures, periodicals, reports, and conference materials. Topics include the Columbia River Gorge, corrections, economic development, energy, the environment, forests, government, Mt. St. Helens volcanic blast, Rajneeshpuram, and volunteers.


Administrative Correspondence


91 cubic feet

Arrangement: numerical by office filing system number.

Series documents the activities of the Governor's office. Series includes correspondence, publications, and reports. Correspondence is from citizens, legislators, and state and federal agencies. Topics include Oregon government, income and property taxes, discrimination, federal government, Oregon Legislative Assembly, crime and corrections, economic development, land use, Rajneeshpuram, Mt. St. Helen's volcanic eruption, Oregon industry and business, transportation, substance abuse, mental health, medicine, social programs, the environment, wilderness, energy, and recreation.

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1.2 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date of proclamation.

Series documents proclamations made by the Governor. Proclamations contain text, type of proclamation, signature, and seal. Proclamations include political, educational, and charitable causes.


Transition Correspondence


1.8 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by name of correspondent.

Series documents the transition activities of Governor-elect Victor Atiyeh between the election and inauguration, 1978-1979. Records include correspondence, telegrams, news clippings, and letters of congratulation. Topics include transition plans, politics, victory congratulations, and legislation.


Press Releases


11 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by press release date.

Series documents the dissemination of information between the Governor's office, the press, and the public. Records include press releases, governor's schedules, internal distribution sheets, transmittal letters, speech transcripts, notices of bill signatures, appointment announcements, and policy letters.

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