Governor Victor G. Atiyeh's Administration

Summary of Records

The records of the Office of Governor Victor Atiyeh include administrative correspondence and records from the Governor's offices of Natural Resources, Affirmative Action, and Communications. These records span the eight years of the Atiyeh Administration and deal with issues such as taxes, economic development, Rajneeshpuram, Mt. St. Helens, employment practices, energy, recreation, and land use.

The records consist of a large series of administrative correspondence dealing with a wide range of issues of concern to state agencies and citizens. Records dealing with the state's natural resources include the correspondence of the Governor's Office of Natural Resources and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer letters. The records of the Governor's Affirmative Action office consist of office correspondence, state agency or university case correspondence, and state affirmative action reports. Other records include press releases, proclamations, and correspondence for issue research. Also included is Atiyeh's correspondence during the transition period prior to his first inauguration.

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