Governor Neil Goldschmidt's Administration

Records Summary

The records of Governor Neil Goldschmidt are maintained as the following two distinct subgroups:

1.) Records originally deposited with the Oregon Historical Society
The bulk of the administration’s records were deposited with the Oregon Historical Society when Governor Goldschmidt left office. In June 2004 the State Archivist requisitioned the public records and had them transferred to the custody of the State Archives. The public records consist of a small quantity of records that document Mr. Goldschmidt’s tenure as Mayor of Portland. The majority of records cover his governorship from 1987-1991. The personal papers and records relating to Mr. Goldschmidt’s service as Transportation Secretary during the Carter Administration are still with the Oregon Historical Society. For access to those records contact the Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park Ave., Portland, Or. 97203, (503) 222-1741.

This subgroup totals 115 boxes of records (111.5 cubic feet). The finding aid created by the Oregon Historical Society is used to provide a box and folder listing of these records. Records from this group have been scanned and are available here as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Some records are still under review or are unavailable due to access restrictions. Those items will be noted in the finding aid and in the PDF files. Please contact the Archives Manager, Layne Sawyer if you have further questions.

View box list and PDFs (Online records originally sent to Oregon Historical Society are temporarily unavailable. Please contact the reference staff for access to the paper records.)

2.) Records originally deposited with the Oregon State Archives
This subgroup of records consists of affirmative action plans and correspondence, Scheduling Department correspondence and reports, Transition Team reports, extradition preparation records, general correspondence received and sent (congratulations, complaints, and regrets), pardon and commutation records, press releases and newsletters, reports and project records, proclamations, and speeches.

The records document communications and reports about subjects which include affirmative action, event scheduling, organization of the Governor's Office and other state agencies, tax issues, correctional facilities, higher education financing, economic growth, extradition, pardons and commutations, and pending or proposed legislation.

See also the Governor's Task Force on Corrections records (1987-1988, 7 cubic feet) and the Commission on Higher Education in the Portland Metropolitan Area records (1989-1990, 5 cubic feet).

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