Governor Neil Goldschmidt's Administration

Records Originally Sent to Oregon State Archives

About the records
The following are descriptions of records originally sent to the Oregon State Archives at the end of the Goldschmidt Administration. These records currently are not available in electronic form. Contact the Archives reference staff for information about using these records.

Audio Recordings, 1986-1988

Affirmative Action Records, 1974-1988

Governor's Assistant for Education Correspondence, 1988-1990

Governor's General Correspondence, 1987-1988

Margie Goldschmidt Scheduling and General Correspondence, 1987-1990

Newsletters, 1987-1991

Pardon and Commutation Records, 1986-1989

Press Releases, 1986-1991

Proclamations, 1987-1990

Scheduling Office Correspondence, 1987-1990

Scheduling Office Reports, 1987-1990

Speeches, 1987-1991

Transition Team Records, 1990-1991

Audio Recordings


81 audio tapes

Arrangement: chronological

Audio tapes document press conferences and speeches.

Affirmative Action Records


16.5 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by agency name

Records are individual state agency Affirmative Action plans and annual reports, correspondence, agency self evaluations, interoffice memoranda, policy updates, and resource publications and directories. The correspondence is to and from the Governor, the Director of the Governor's Affirmative Action Office, state agency staff, and the public.

Governor's Assistant for Education Correspondence


2 cubic feet

Arrangement: random by subject

Records are correspondence and memoranda to and from the Assistant to the Governor for Education. Correspondents and/or subjects include higher education, education associations and councils, state agencies, and speeches. Includes interfiled reference material (brochures, publications).

Governor's General Correspondence


20 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

General correspondence from the public with attached routing slips and responses. The majority of the correspondence is received by the Governor's Office, routed to the appropriate state agency, the response is prepared by the state agency and returned to the Governor's Office for his signature. The bulk is arranged chronologically with assigned "EIS" number (no index found).

Margie Goldschmidt Scheduling and General Correspondence


.5 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject heading

Records are correspondence, news clippings, appointment records, and routine office notes of Margie Goldschmidt (the Governor's spouse). Subjects include Mahonia Hall renovation, tours, historic preservation, Franke Children's Trust Fund, Children's Agenda, higher education, event invitations and regret responses.



2.5 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Records are "Clip Bits", a weekly news and editorial digest (photocopied news clippings of interest to the Governor's Office). Also includes the newsletter "Issue Backgrounder."

Pardon and Commutation Records


1.9 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by surname

These records document the review and granting or denial of pardon and sentence commutation requests by the Governor and his staff. The bulk of these records are arranged by surname, some are arranged randomly by category. File folder headings are extradition - legal material, Governor's Conference on Interagency Cooperation, extraditions involving military, executive clemency - general, and pardon - commutation inquiries.

Press Releases


2 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Records are press releases and include a press release index. The index includes the date and subject of the release.



3.8 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by proclamation title

Records are Governor's official proclamations and attached correspondence and memos. Proclamations typically identify a day, week, or month in honor of a particular social interest or memorable event, ie. Child Safety Week, Freedom of Information Day, Year of Woman Suffrage, etc. These records include an index with document number, proclamation title, and date(s) issued.

Scheduling Office Correspondence


39.7 cubic feet

Arrangement: by category, then chronological

Records are routine correspondence including incoming and outgoing letters regarding event invitations and cancellation, thank you letters, referral to appropriate agencies, complaints, scheduling requests, public liaison, congratulations, and school children correspondence.

Scheduling Office Reports


5 cubic feet

Arrangement: by report heading

Records are reports on specific issues used for briefing the Governor prior to scheduled events and/or meetings. Subjects include higher education, juvenile law, corrections, log exports, recommended budget, economic forecast, workers compensation, and land use.



1.75 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronologically

Records include the text of speeches given by the Governor. A listing of speeches is filed in the first folder for each year. The listing includes date, subject or audience of the speech, and location.

Transition Team Records


3 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by program area

Records are reports and successor memoranda compiled by the various offices and assistants to the Governor to aid in the orientation and transition of the new administration in the Governor's office. The reports and memoranda are arranged by program area and the reports include sections on pending issues, policies, analysis, and applicable agency backgrounds. The program areas include Natural Resources, Legal Counsel, Advocate for Minority, Woman, and Emerging Small Business, Criminal Justice, Internal Office Administration, Executive Appointments, Citizen's Representative, and Affirmative Action.

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