Governor John H. Hall's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative Correspondence, 1947-1949

Extraditions, 1947-1949

Legal Correspondence, 1947-1949

Parole Files, 1947-1949

Plane Crash Investigation, 1947

Press Releases, 1947-1949

Proclamations, 1947-1949

Voting Privilege Restorations, 1948

Administrative correspondence


2.7 cu.ft.

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject

Series documents the communications and activities of Governor Hall's office. Series includes correspondence, information requests, and informational pamphlets.

Information includes financial analyses, names of board and commission members and agency heads, and resolution of questions posed to the Governor. Topics include charity and commemorativ events, waterway construction, lobby group correspondence, safety and training in the workplace, highway safety, housing, the Liquor Control Commission, Republican party mailings, international relief, taxation, and the Vanport flood.

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.30 cu.ft.

Arrangement: alphabetical by county name, alphabetical by state name

Series documents activities involved in the extradition of criminals, both to and from the State of Oregon.

Records include action reports, travel vouchers for retrieving prisoners, extradition requests from other states, and investigation reports requested by the Governor to aid in his extradition decisions. Information includes charges or indictments against criminals, reason for charges or indictments, and Attorney General's agreement with extradition requests.


Legal Correspondence


.1 cu.ft.

Arrangement: chronological by month of letter

Series documents communications and activities concerning legal problems and questions. Series includes affidavits, depositions, legal briefs, and correpondence.

Correspondence includes requests for the Governor to intervene on judicial matters and requetss for legal opinions. Subjects include intergovernmental fiscal relations, extraditions, civil and criminal liability, tax codes, and the effects of proposed legislation.


Parole Files


.50 cu.ft.

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject's name

Series documents activities involved in the parole status of criminals in Oregon.

Records include correspondence with individuals requesting clemency or release of individuals from prison and investigation reports requested by the Governor to aid in his parole decisions.

The death sentence of Wardell Henderson and the controversy about how his race may have influenced his sentencing takes up a large portion of the series.


Plane Crash Investigation


.10 cu.ft.

Arrangement: none

Series documents the investigative process of the private plane crash that killed Governor Earl Snell, Secretary of State Robert Farrell, and State Senator Marshall Cronett on October 28, 1947.

Series contains a report conducted by the Civil Aeronautics Board and includes the transcript of the testimony from wintesses and experts. Testimony includes descriptions of the crash site and events leading to the crash. Expert appraisal of factors that may have contributed to the crash is also included.


Press Releases


.10 cu.ft.

arrangement: chronological by date of request letter

Series documents the release of information by Governor Hall to the public either in the course of publicbusiness or in response to correspondence. The series contains releases from the governor's office, open letters to be published by another party, and letters that prompted the press release.

Subjects include charity announcements, designation of special events, and tourism promotions.




.10 cu.ft.

Arrangement: chronological by proclamation date

Series documents announcements made by the Governor on various activities or events. Contents include proclamation, date, and governor's signature.

Subjects include the National Guard, Army Day, Navy Day, Oregon Territory celebration, state of emergency announcements, and selective service registration.


Voting Privilege Restorations


.10 cu.ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date of document

Series records the restoration of voting privileges to released convicts by the govenror. Series includes the convict's petition and the governor's declaration.

Information includes the date, convict's address, date of convict's conviction and release, type of incarceration and release, names and addresses of character witnesses and the recommendation of the parole board. The governor's declaration includes the name of the convict, the date, and the restoration of voting rights.

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