Governor John A. Kitzhaber's Administration

Record Series Descriptions

Juvenile Crime Prevention Records (Human Services)
Office/Function: Health, Human Services and Labor Office
4 cubic feet
Arrangement: By folder title

Series documents the actions of the Governor’s Office related to juvenile crime prevention. Actions of various related entities such as the Governor’s Juvenile Crime Prevention Task Force, Juvenile Crime Prevention Advisory Committee, and others are also represented. Subjects include minority over-representation in the criminal justice system, risk factors, domestic violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, youth suicide, federal efforts, legislation, and others. Records include correspondence, memoranda, e-mails, reports, plans, videotapes, press clippings, minutes, and related documents.

Also see Juvenile Crime Prevention Records in the Public Safety section and the Legislative and Legal section.

Container List

Box 1
1. Citizens Crime Prevention
2. Federal Juvenile Crime Partnership (Office of National Drug Control Policy)
3. Juvenile Crime Prevention Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes, Agenda Materials
4. State Team
5. Minority Over-representation Summits, Assorted Reference Materials
6. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1997
7. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1997, Results of Commitments
8. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1997, Planning Materials
9. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1998, Materials
10. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1998, Contact Lists
11. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1998, Results of Commitments
12. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1998
13. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1999
14. Minority Over-representation Summit, 1999, Planning Materials
15. Minority Over-representation Summit, 2001
16. Initiatives and Programs
17. Issues: School Dropouts, Domestic Violence, Alcohol/Drugs, Youth Suicide, Teenage Pregnancy
18. Groups: Asset Builders, Juvenile Corrections Council, National Governors’ Association, Crisis Management Institute
19. Governor’s Visit to MacLaren, 26 March 2002
20. Governor’s Summit on Corrections and Substance Abuse Treatment, 2002

Box 2
1. Children First for Oregon
2. National Crime Prevention Conference [9 March 2001]
3. Democratic Issues Forum
4. 1999 Federal Legislation (HR 1501, HR 1150, S 254, etc.)
5. Design Team: Membership and Creation Materials
6. Federal Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant
7. Drug Free Schools
8. Senate Bill 555 Performance Audit 1999-2000
9. Senate Bill 555 Interagency Coordinating Team, Background Material
10. Senate Bill 555 Interagency Coordinating Team
11. Deschutes County and SB 555
12-13. SB 555 Text and Amendments
14-15. SB 555—Comments, Supplementary Information
16. 1996 Juvenile Crime Task Force Report
17. Reference Materials
18. Reference Materials—Federal Drug Court
19. Reference Materials—Risk and Protective Factors

Box 3
1. Commission for Child Care
2. Coordinating Prevention Services, Meetings
3-4. Funding Streams
5-6. Federal Funding to Oregon
7. Thurston High School Shooting, Springfield, 1998
8. Stakeholders: Salvation Army
9. County Cost of Crime Data
10. Federal Designation of Oregon as High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
11. Dr. Elizabeth Sazie Internship, 1999
12. City of Portland Commissioner Jim Francesconi
13. Juvenile Justice Summit, July 1994
14. League of Oregon Cities Special Committee on At-risk Youth
15. Oregon Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Grant Application
16. Local Initiatives
17. 1995 Legislation (SB 1 & 1145) and Ballot Measures, 1998
18. Legislation Summary
19-20. Policy Documents, Reports, Budgets, Etc.

Box 4
1. Jefferson High School Project, 1999—“Twilight School”
2. Assorted Presentations
3. Reports: Juvenile Recidivism, Racial/Ethnic Issues in the Judicial System, Oregon Child Fatality Review
4. Data and Information
5. Policy and Outcomes
6. Correspondence
7. Document Originals
8. Memoranda, Assorted
9. Newspaper Clippings

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