Governor John A. Kitzhaber's Administration

Record Series Descriptions

Salmon and Energy Issues Records
Office/Function: Natural Resource Office
4 cubic feet
Arrangement: Meeting records chronological by meeting date. Other records by folder title.

Series documents issues related to the potential effects of wide-ranging salmon recovery efforts and on the generation of energy in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. A key focus is on the Comprehensive Review of the Northwest Energy System--convened in 1996-1997 by the governors of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana to "seize opportunities and moderate risks presented by the transition of the region's power system to a more competitive electricity market."

Nearly one cubic foot of records documents the Comprehensive Review of the Northwest Energy System. The remaining three cubic feet consist of subject files on issues related to the salmon/energy issue. Hot button issues such as the effects of hydroelectric dams on salmon recovery and the role of hatcheries in the solution are addressed. Records include meeting summaries, congressional updates, correspondence, memoranda, draft studies, meeting sign in sheets, PowerPoint presentation printouts, testimony, proposed orders, reports, maps, charts, publications, and related documents.

Container List

Box 1
1. 180 Day Review
2-3. American Rivers v. National marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
4-5. Boardman
6-7. Boeing
8. Bonneville 2000
9. Bonneville Power Administration (General)
10. Bonneville Power Administration Group
11. Bonneville Power Administration Project
12. BPA Workshop
13. Bull Run
14. Bull Trout
15. Chinook
16. City of Portland Endangered Species Act Framework
17. Clean Water Act
18-19. Coastal Salmon Restoration Initiative
20-21. Coastal Salmon Task Force
22. Coho Lawsuit
23-24. Coho Salmon
25. Comprehensive Review: Comments
26. Comprehensive Review: Discussion Issues
27-40. Comprehensive Review Meeting Records 1996

Box 2
1-5. Comprehensive Review of the Northwest Energy System
6. Comprehensive Review: Public Involvement
7. Comprehensive Review: Templates
8. Comprehensive Review: Testimony
9. Comprehensive Review: Workgroups
10. Cutthroat
11-12. Electric Industry Issues In Oregon
13-14. Endangered Species Act
15-16. Energy: Federal Power
17. Enforcement
18. Executive Order
19. Federal Legislation
20. Fish and Wildlife Coordination Meeting
21. Fish Passage Task Force
22. Fish Refuge Proposal
23. Fish Screening
24. For the Sake of the Salmon
25. Foreign Nations
26. Forest Practices
27-29. Forest Practices Advisory Committee (FPAC) on Salmon and Watersheds

Box 3
1. Gillnetters
2. Goals
3. Gorton Legislation
4-5. Grants Pass Irrigation District
6-8. Groundfish
9. Hanford
10. Harvest
11-13. Hatcheries
14. HB 3609 Memorandum of Understanding
15. Hydropower
16. Implementation Team
17. John Day
18. John Day Drawdown
19. Josephine County
20. Monitoring
21. National Marine Fisheries Service 4 (d) Rules
22. New Energy Review Transition Board
23. NMFS Biological Opinion
24. NMFS Biological Opinion Legal Issues
25. NMFS Final 4 (d) Comments
26. NMFS v. Columbia Aluminum et al.
27. North Umpqua Project Alternatives for Re-Regulation
28. Northwest Power Planning Council (general)
29. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Six-Year Strategic Plan

Box 4
1-2. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
3. Out reach
4. Pacific Fishery Management Council
5. Pacific Salmon
6. Pacific Salmon Treaty
7-8. Public Utility Commission Proposals
9. PUC Briefing Book for New Commissioners 2000-2001
10. Ruckelshaus Report
11. Salmon and Energy Advisor’s Chronological Files
12. SB 1010
13. “Snag Boat Bend”
14-15. Snake River Basin
16. Sports Fishing Industry
17. Telecommunications Issues in Oregon
18-19. Three Sovereigns Process
20. Tillamook Railroad
21. Timber Fish & Wildlife
22. Umatilla Basin Project
23. Umpqua basin Fisheries Restoration Initiative
24. Umpqua Cutthroat
25-26. Umpqua Hydroelectric Project
27. United States v. Grants Pass Irrigation District
28. Utilities Restructuring
29. Utility Systems Maps
30. Willamette River Chinook

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