Governor William P. Lord's Administration

Administrative Correspondence Container List

Container 1

Administrative Correspondence, 1881-1905

Correspondence, 1881-1905
Nomination Telegrams, 1894

Speech, no date

Secretary of State Audit Report of Treasurer, 1897

Report of Board of Education, 1897

15th Legislative Session (1889) membership roster

Legislature, 19th, Messages from House and Senate, 1897

Legislature 19th, Nominations of University Regents, 1899

Horticulture Commissioner Act, 1895

Salem Charter Amendments, 1903

Legal files, J.D. Spreckles and Brothers vs R. A. Graham

R.A. Graham vs. Beaver Hill Coal Co.; R.A. Graham vs J.D. Spreckles Bros. Co, 1899

Legal files: J.L. Morrow and W.H. Cooper vs Warner Valley Stock Co, 1900

Legal files: Notes on case involving Ladd & Bush

Argentine Ministry Correspondence, 1899-1903

Executive Appointments

Adjutant General A-S, 1894-5
Adjutant General, F.S. Barnes, 1894

Adjutant General, M.G. Butterfield, 1894

Adjutant General, R.W. Mitchell, 1894-95

Adjutant General, D.C. Sherman, 1894-95

Adjutant General, B.B. Tutle, 1894-95

Adjutant General, H.L. Wells, 1894-95

Agricultural College Petitions and Letters, 1896-97

Boatman at Astoria, 1895-97

Dental Examiners, 1895

District Attorney, 6th Dist., J.H. Lawrey

District Attorney, 9th Dist. B-R, 1895

District Attorney, 9th Dist, J.N. Brown, 1894-95

District Attorney, 9th Dist, Charles W. Parrish, 1895

District Attorney, 9th Dist., A.W. Waters, 1895

Engineer of Irrigation, Cleveland Rockwell, 1895

Fish and Game Commissioner, B-W, 1894-95, 1898

Fish and Game, Frank C. Froman, 1895, 1898

Fish Commission, Hollister D. McGuire, 1898, 1895

Fish and Game, Joseph Paquet, 1895

Fish and Game, W.A. Storey, 1894-95

Fish and Game Commission, C.W. Watts, 1895

Food and Dairy, Charles Holeman, 1895

Container 2

Executive Appointments (continued)

Health Officer, Astoria, 1894
Health Officer, Coos Bay, C.W. Tower, 1894

Health Officer, J. L. Elwood, 1894-95

Health Officer, Yaquina Bay, 1894-96

Horticluture Commissioner, 1894-95

Judgeship, 4th Dist. Multnomah, 1895, 1897

Judgeship, 4th Dist., Charles H. Carey, 1895

Judgeship, 4th Dist., M.C. George, 1897

Judgeship, 4th Dist., H.E. McGinn, 1895

Judgeship, 4th Dist., J.E. Watson, 1895

Judgeship, 4th Dist., S.A. Lowell, 1895

Judgeship, 8th Dist., R. Eakin, 1895

Judgeship, Lincoln County, A-H, 1895-96

Judgeship, Lincoln County, Charles B. Crosno, 1896

Judgeship, Lincoln County, J. O. Stearns, 1895-96

Land Agents, Applications for, 1895

Medical Board, 1895

Medical Board, B.E. Miller, 1895

Miscellaneous Applications

National Guard

Penitentiary A-Z, 1894-95

Penitentiary, E.M. Croisan, 1894

Penitentiary J.C. Johnson, 1894

Penitentiary, A.D. Leedy, 1894-95

Penitentiary, Joseph Minto, 1894

Penitentiary, H.W. Shipley, 1894

Penitentiary or Asylum Physician, 1894-95

Pilot Commissioner, 1894-96

Printer, 1894-95

Railroad Commissioners, 1894-95

Soldierís Home, Applications for

Southern Oregon Board of Agriculture, 1896

Stenographer Applications. 1895

U.S. Senate Appointment for H.W. Corbett, 1897-98

Veterinary Surgeon, Stephen J. Carney

Memorial records, 1911

Mrs. Lord's correspondence

Treatis, Agriculture Board by Mrs. William P. Lord
Letter to U.S. Congress from Mrs. William P. Lord, 1920

Photograph of Governor Lord vacationing at Oregon Coast, 1895

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