Governor William P. Lord's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative correspondence, 1881-1905

Argentine Ministry Correspondence, 1899-1903

Executive appointments, 1894-1899

Memorial records, 1911

Mrs. Lord's correspondence, 1899-1903

Photograph, 1895

Scrapbook, 1896-1900

Administrative correspondence


.25 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by name

Series documents the communications and activities of Governor Lord's office. Series includes correspondence, reports, telegrams, legal and legislative records.

Topics include fisheries, legislation, appointments, Oregon National Guard, and education.

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Argentine Ministry Correspondence


.1 cubic feet

Arrangement: unarranged

Series documents activities of William P. Lord, a citizen of the United States, Envoy Extaordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States to the Argentine Republic. Lord was appointed by President William McKinley to fill this position. Records include expense reports, correspondence, and special passport.


Executive appointments


1 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by name of board, commission or appointed office

Series documents petitions, recommendations and endorsements to the governor regarding appointments to positions within Oregon State government.

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Memorial records


.1 cu. ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date

Series documents memorials for William P. Lord including a transcript of memorial exercises held March 2, 1911 by the Marion County Bar Association and a memoir and resolution of the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon on March 6, 1911.


Mrs. Lord's correspondence


.1 cu. ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date

Series documents correspondence dealing with the flax industry in Oregon. Mrs Lord was the president of the Oregon Women's Flax Fiber Association.

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.1 cu. ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date

Series documents Governor Lord vacationing at the Oregon coast.




.25 cu. ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date

Series documents newspaper clippings from The Morning Oregonian, the Oregonian Statesman, Astoria Daily News, and New York Journal. Articles include issues dealing with the Nicaragua canal Bill, protection of fisheries, fruit growing, bimetalism, and annexation of the Hawaiian Islands.

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