Governor Charles H. Martin's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative correspondence, 1935-1939

Extradition records, 1935-1939

Proclamations, 1935-1939

State Budget Office Records, 1935-1936

Administrative correspondence


7 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject

Series documents the communications nad activities of Goernor Martin's office. Series includes correspondence, reports, telegrams, legaland legislative records.

Topics include electrical power, highways, caitol building program, county relief committees, grazing policy and labor.

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Extradition records


.75 cubic feet

Arrangement: by county

series documents activities involved in the extradition of criminals, both to and from the State of Oregon. reords include action reports, request to isue an extradition, extradition requests to other states, court orders, affidavits and investigation reports requested by the Governor to aid in his extradition decisions.




.1 cubic feet

Arrangement: no arrangement

Series documents announcements made by the governor on various activities or events. Contents include subject of proclamation, date, and governor signature.

Subjects and topics include forest protection by closing and opening use of designated areas, election of certain persons, declaring constitutional amendment voted on to be in full force and effect, declaring legislatie bills voted on at general election to be in full force and effect, Will Rogers Day, and Armistice Day.


State Budget Office Records


1 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject

Series documents the development and maintenance of the Executive Department's budget.

Subjects and type of records include capitol reconstruction, Oregon Agricultural Advisory Council, heating and telephone projects, financial reports, payroll analysis reports, and property inventory reports.

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