Governor Tom McCall's Administration

Administrative Correspondence Container List

1974-1975 acc. 77A-125 (3 cf)


1. Staffing Standards, Oregon Committee on (Mental Health)

2. Hearing & Deafness. Governor's Commission on

3. Nursing Home Ombudsman Advisory Commission

4. Vocational Rehabilitation, Dept. of

5. Transportation, Dept. of

6. Teachers' Standards & Practices Committee

7. Rogue River Coordination Board

8. Water Council, Western States

9. Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Commission

10. Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission

11. Klamath River Basin Compact

12. Military Dept.

13. Transportation Dept., Ports Division

14. Transportation Dept., Mass Transit Division

15. Nuclear Emergency Organization

16. Water Policy Coordinating Committee

17. Medical Investigation Advisory Committee

18. Organized Crime, Governor's Commission on

19. Natural Resources, Committee on

20. Human Resources Dept., "Oregon State Plan for the Construction and Modernization of Hospitals, Public Health Centers and Medical Facilities" (unfoldered)

21. Oregon State University, "Hospital Rate Regulation in Oregon: A Policy Analysis" (unfoldered)

22. Portland State University, "Oregon Trade and Investment in the Pacific Rim Region: An Analysis of Recent Patterns" (unfoldered)

23. Pacific Rim Study Center Proposal (unfoldered)

24. Human Resources Dept., "Health Facilities Cost Review Commission Report" (unfoldered)

25. Biennial Budget Preparation Manual, 1975-77, Parts 1 & 2 (unfoldered)

26-27. Pacific Rim Study Center Proposal

28. Parks, Miscellaneous on

29. Lewis & Clark Committee of Oregon, Governor's, "Proposal that the Salt Cairn at Seaside Become a Part of the Fort Clatsop National Memorial" (unfoldered)

30. Work Incentive Program (WIN) Petitions (unfoldered)

31. Interior Dept., Outer Continental Shelf

32-33. Special Requests, Agencies



1. Conflict of Interest, Other States (unfoldered)

2-3. Conflict of Interest, Information from Other States

4. Conflict of Interest, California

5. Conflict of Interest, Colorado

6. Conflict of Interest, Maryland

7. Conflict of Interest, Connecticut

8. Conflict of Interest, Ohio

9. Conflict of Interest, Washington

10-19. Conflict of Interest, Governor's Select Committee on



1. Governor-Elect (Straub) Correspondence

2. Governor-Elect (Straub), Building Standards, Dept. of Human Resources

3-5. Governor-Elect (Straub), Energy

6-11. Governor-Elect (Straub), Correspondence

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