Governor Tom McCall's Administration

Reports and Studies Container List

1965-1971 acc. 74A-051/002 (3.5 cf) 


1. General Information, Mr. Davis (binder)

2. U.S. Jaycees Leadership in Action Chairman's Guide (binder)

3. Mental Health/Youth Care Programs Information (binder-unmarked)

4. Corrections; New Directions in Health & Welfare; National Growth Policies; No-Fault Insurance, Mr. Davis (binder)



1. Water Pollution Control Training Program (U.S. Dept. of the Interior), 1970-1971

2. Regulation of Flood Hazard Areas to Reduce Flood Losses (Water Resources Council), Parts 1-3, February 1970

3. Water Supply Outlook for Oregon, 3/1/69 to 4/1/70)

4. Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission Annual Report, 6/30/69

5. Oregon's Long-Range Requirements for Water, Summary Report (State Water Resources Board), 2 copies, 5/69

6. Western States Water Council, Minutes, 1969

7. Water Pollution Control Research, Development, Demonstration and Training Projects; Grant and Contract Awards (U.S. Dept. of theInterior), 1968

8. Great Basin Region Comprehensive Framework Study; Plan of Study (Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee), 6/69

9. Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee, Minutes, 1969-1970

10. Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee, 9th Annual Report, 1968/69

11. Partnership for the Future (Governor's Office), 10/68

12. State Personnel and Employe Relations System (Legislative Fiscal Committee), 12/68

13. Public Service Careers Program (Executive Dept., Personnel Division)

14. Management 70's Task Force; Dept. of State Police Recommendations (Ed Westerdahl II)

15. Personnel Rules and Merit System Law (Executive Dept.), 8/70

16. Oregon Port Authorities Commission Final Report, 1/69

17. Port & Water Transportation Planning Study for the State of Oregon, Summary Version, 9/13/68

18. Biennial Report of the Port of Portland Commission, 1967/1968

 19. Survey and Recommendations Covering State Printing & Duplicating, 9/67

20. Printing & Duplicating Inquiries

21. Report to Governor McCall on State Printing Operations (Oregon Printing Industry, Inc.), 2/68

22-25. Printing Committees, State & OPI, Transcript of Conference, 3/68 to 4/68 plus Summary of Conference

26. Systems Analysis Model for Minimizing the Flow of Biotically Productive Land Into Irreversible Uses (Oregon State Universtiy Thesis, Anne Huston Hollingshead), 6/71



1. Government Reorganization

2. Time Magazine, 6/12/70

3. Priorities for Law Enforcement, Comprhensive Plan (Executive Dept.), 1970

4. Law Enforcement (unmarked binder)

5. Blue Cross Proposal to Governor's Advisory Committee on Medical Assistance for the Underprivileged, 6/3/68

6. Criminal Law Revision Commission Preliminary Report, 1967/68

7. A Focus on Rehabilitation in Oregon (Report of the Governor's Planning Committee on Vocational Rehabilitation), 6/28/69

8. A Focus on Rehabilitation in Oregon (Report of the Governor's Planning Committee on Vocational Rehabilitation), 12/68

9. Management 70's Task Force, Welfare in Oregon, 1970

10. Proposed Accomplishments, 1969/70

11. Handicapped Vocational Rehabilitation, 1966/67

12. Certification of Foster Homes for Children, Rules & Regulations (State Public Welfare Commission), 1967

13. Oregon Public Utility and Carrier Law, Proposed Revision, 10/70

14. Cigarettte Tax Report (Dept. of Revenue, Income Division), 1970

15. "The Redwoods" by Kramer Adams

16. The Human Story (Community Progress, Inc.), 1966

17. "State Government" (periodical), Autumn 1969

18. Effective Computer Utilization in Oregon State Government (Office of the Governor), 6/12/69

19. W.K. Kellogg Foundation Annual Report, 1969

20. National Conference of State Legislative Leaders, 1969 Yearbook

21. Manual for Election Boards, 1969/70

22. Official Abstract of Votes, Primary Election, 1970

23. A Balanced Correctional System for Oregon (National Council on Crime and Delinquency), 1966



1. Legislative Tax Study Committee Report, 1/69

2. An Analysis of State-Owned Rangeland, 1969

3. Inaugural Address, Governor McCall, 1/9/67

4. Industries for the Blind, Retirement Benefits, 12/68

5. Oregon's Legislative Future (Advisory Committee on the Oregon Legislature, 12/68 (2 copies)

6. Governor's Message to the 55th Legislative Assembly, 1/13/69

7. A Report to the People of the State of Idaho from the Idaho Citizens Committee on the State Legislature, 10/1/68

8. National Conference of State Legislative Leaders, 1968 Yearbook

9. Proceedings of 2nd Annual Safety Conference (National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders), 1968

10. Washington Report: Driver Education Guidelines, Spring 1969

11. Arizona's Traffic Accident Summary, 1968

12. The Older Driver: A Statistical Evaluation of Licensing and Accident Involvement in 30 States (University of Denver College of Law), 1/69

13. National Highway Safety Standards (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), 1967

14. Concepts for Traffic Safety, Winter 1968

15. Safer Oregon, 2/69, Governor's 13th Industrial Safety Conference

16. Procedural Manual for Project Submission and Control (Oregon Traffic Safety Commission)

17. Governor's Committee on the Status of Women in Oregon, Year-end Report Submitted to Governor Hatfield, 8/31/65

18. Governor's Committee on the Status of Women in Oregon, Year-end Report Submitted to Governor McCall, 11/68

19. Expanding Women's Effectiveness in the Community, 1/68

20. Expanding Horizons Through Continued Education (Governor's Committee on the Status of Women), 1967

21. National Safety News, 4/69

22. Highway Safety Program Analysis (National Safety Council)

23. Citizen and Business Participation in Urban Affairs (U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development), 2/70

24. Suggested Uniform Rules of Parliamentary Procedure for the Oregon Legislative Assembly, City Mayors and Managers of Oregon

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