Governor Tom McCall's Administration

Summary of Records

The records of the Office of Governor McCall consist of: administrative correspondence; appointments; audio tapes and film; boards and commissions records; clemency records; Conflict of Interest Committee records; Consumer Protection and Land Sales Development Committee records; Economic Development correspondence and reports; executive memorandums; Forest Resources Commission records; Judicial Reform Committee records; Legal Counsel office records and legislative materials; migrant workers correspondence; Ombudsman office records; photographs; reports and studies; tax plan records; and welfare reform records.

The core records are the administrative correspondence, which covers the years 1962-1975 and spans not only his two terms as governor but his term as Secretary of State. The correspondence (which comprises approximately 75% of the McCall administration's records in the Archives) contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence and covers a wide range of correspondents and policy issues. Primary correspondents include: state agencies; the state legislature; federal agencies; local governments; the Board of Control; and constituents. Topics include: environmental quality legislation and concerns; economic issues, including tax reform and economic development; education; public welfare; prison and corrections operations; nerve gas shipment issues; highways and transportation; Vietnam; regional and national governors' conferences; courtesies; and many other topics.

Legal Counsel activities are also reflected prominently in the McCall records, and include material relating to appointments; commutations and pardons; budget recommendations; court opinions; and legislative materials.

Most record series (including the entire administrative correspondence series) feature detailed container listings to assist the researcher in locating material.

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