Governor Douglas McKay's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative correspondence, 1948-1953

Extradition records, 1948-1952

Funeral service records, 1959

Inaugural address audio tape, 1951

Parole files, 1948-1952

Administrative correspondence


29 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject

Series documents the activities and communications of the Governor's office with various organizations, agencies, and citizens from 1948 to 1953. It includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, financial reports, meeting minutes, records of board members, informative pamphlets, information requests, and letters from citizens. The letters from citizens are primarily complaints, requests, or suggestions. Topics include the Columbia River Basin, Columbia Valley Authority, the State Highway Commission, Committee on Industrial Development, Indian Affairs, Liquor Control Commission, Board of Massage Examiners, Natural Resources, the Oregon State Penitentiary, and Veteran Affairs.

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Photographs have been separated from this series.


Extradition records


1 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by county

Series documents activities in the extradition of criminals to and from Oregon from 1948 to 1952. The records include warrants, police reports,requests from district attorneys, extradition requests from other states, and investigation reports requested by Governor McKay to help in his extradition decisions.

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Funeral service records


.1 cubic foot


This series documents the plans for the state funeral of Governor McKay. It includes a letter of transmittal from Travis Cross, Assistant to the Governor, a list of members of the funeral party, and a schedule for the funeral. The records are dated July 29, 1959.


Parole files


1 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by surname

This series documents the Governor's activities in the parole of criminals in Oregon from 1948 to 1952. The records include conduct reports, medical reports, incoming and outgoing correspondence with penitentiary officials and lawyers, and letters from citizens regarding the parole of certain prisoners. The paroles of Theodore Jordon Jr. and the Reverend William H. Nagel generated significant activity during McKay's term as governor.

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Inaugural address audio tape


.1 cu. ft., 1 phonographic disc.

Arrangement: by date

Series consists of printed pamphlet and phonographic recording of Governor McKay's Inaugural Address from January 8, 1951.

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