Governor Douglas McKay's Administration

Summary of Records

The records of Governor Douglas McKay consist of correspondence, press releases, speeches, meeting minutes, organizational reports, extraditions, and parole files. These records date from 1948, when McKay was elected Governor, to when he resigned to become U.S. Secretary of Interior.* The records represent Governor McKay's role in the events and issues confronting his administration.

The records of McKay's Office are predominantly the incoming and outgoing administrative correspondence. Topics include the development of the Columbia River Basin, the Liquor Control Commission, the Highway Commission, the Committee for Industrial Development, Indian Affairs, and Veteran Affairs. There is also a large amount of correspondence from citizens who are requesting the Governor's assistance in private matters or who are offering suggestions and opinions on the issues of the time.

Issues of particular concern to citizens at this time were, the development of the Columbia River Basin, the trafficing of alcohol, and the parole of Theodore Jordon Jr. and the Reverend William H. Nagel. The records illustrate Governor McKay's interest in the establishment of safety committees and opposition to the Columbia Valley Authority. McKay formed safety committees on home, industry, and traffic. The history of the formation and organization of these committees are documented in the files by reports, meeting minutes, and correspondence with members. McKay's fight against the proposed Columbia Valley Authority is represented in incoming and outgoing correspondence with citizens. The attitude of these correspondents are both positive and negative. Along with these letters, the records include reports and informative pamphlets concerning the CVA.

The records of Governor McKay also reflect current national and international issues. These include The Cold War, racism, and the future development of Western states.

*Some records addressed to Governor McKay but dated in January 1953, after his resignation, are included in the administrative correspondence series.

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