Governor Paul L. Patterson's Administration

Administrative Correspondence Container List

Container 1

"Aa-Ag" miscellaneous

Accountancy, State Board of


Adjutant General

Aeronautics, Oregon State Board of

Agriculture, Department of

Agriculture, U.S.

Air pollution

Airlines & aluminum


"Am-Aq" miscellaneous

American miscellaneous

American Legion

Apprenticeship Council, State

"Ar" miscellaneous

Architect Examiners, State Board of

"As" miscellaneous

"At" miscellaneous

Attorney General


Container 2

Attorney General-opinions

Attorney General-opinions

"Au-Az" miscellaneous


"Baker-Ball" miscellaneous

Baker project

"Banfield-Baptist" miscellaneous

Banking, State Board of

"Barr - Barendse" miscellaneous

Barrington salary survey

"Bas-Bd" miscellaneous

Battleship Oregon Commission

"Bea-Bec" miscellaneous

Beaver Marsh Hydroelectric project

"Bed-Bek" miscellaneous

"Bel-Beq" miscellaneous

"Ber-Bh" miscellaneous

"Bi-Bk" miscellaneous

"Bl-Bn" miscellaneous

Blind, Commission for the

Blind, State School for the

"Boa-Bol" miscellaneous

"Bom-Bor" miscellaneous

Bond Commission, State

"Bos-Bq" miscellaneous

"Bra-Brd" miscellaneous

"Bre-Brh" miscellaneous

"Bri-Brn" miscellaneous

"Bro-Bt" miscellaneous

"Brown" miscellaneous

Bruce's Eddy on Clearwater River

"Bua-Buq" miscellaneous

"Bur-Bx" miscellaneous

"By-Bz" miscellaneous

"Caa-Cal" miscellaneous


Container 3

" Cam-Caq" miscellaneous

Camp Adair

Camp Adair Plan

Capitol Planning Commission

"Car" miscellaneous

"Cas-Cd" miscellaneous

Catching Inlet Slough on Coos Bay

"Ce-Cg" miscellaneous

Centennial Committee

"Ch" miscellaneous

Chief Joesph Dam

Children and Youth Committee

Chiropractic Examiner's, State Board of

Civil Aeronautics Board

Civil Defense Agency, Oregon State


Container 4

Civil Defense Advisory Council

Civil Defense, Federal

Civil Defense operations manual

Civil Service Commission, State

Civil Service Commission reports

Civil Service correspondence

Civil Service work discharges

"Ci" miscellaneous

"Cl-Coh" miscellaneous

Colleges of education

Columbia Basin fisheries reports

Columbia Basin hydrology

Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee


Container 5

Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee

Columbia Basin Interstate Compact Commission

Columbia River Gorge Commission correspondence

Columbia River at the mouth of Oregon & Washington

"Columbia" miscellaneous

"Col" miscellaneous

"Com-Con" miscellaneous

Control, Oregon State Board of


Container 6

Control, Oregon State Board of

Advisory Committee to State Training Schools


capitol mall

intermediate institutions

supervisor of institutions

"Coo-Coq" miscellaneous

"Cor-Cq" miscellaneous

Cordon, Senator Guy

Corporation Commission

Corrections building program

Cosmetic Therapy Examiners, State Board of

"Cr-Cz" miscellaneous

Crescent Lake Dam project

Crooked River project

Council of State Government

Counties, Oregon


Container 7

"Da" miscellaneous

Dalles Dam, The

Daylight savings time

"De" miscellaneous

Dental School Advisory Council

Deschutes Hydro Power project

Development Commission

Development Commission Advisory Committee

Dexter Project Lookout Point

"Di" miscellaneous

Displaced Persons

"Do" miscellaneous

Douglas County Investigation on Claire Burgoyne

"Dr-Du" miscellaneous

"Ea-Eh" miscellaneous

Education, State Board of

Education, State Board of Higher

Educational T.V.

Education, White House Conference


Container 8

Education, White House Conference

Employment Service

Engineer, State

Executive Department employee earnings records

"E" miscellaneous

"Fa" miscellaneous

Fair Employment Commission

"Fe" miscellaneous

Federal Power Commission

"Fi" miscellaneous

Fish Commission, State of Oregon

"Fl-Fo" miscellaneous

Forestry, State Board of


Container 9

Forestry Department

Forest Products Laboratory

4-H Club

"Fr-Fu" miscellaneous

"Ga" miscellaneous

"Ga-Ge" miscellaneous

Game Commission, Oregon State

Geology, State Board of


Container 10

Geology and Mineral Industries, State Dept. of

"Gi" miscellaneous

Glendora Apartments

"Go" miscellaneous

"Gol" miscellaneous

Governor's Conference, Chicago

Governor's Conference, miscellaneous

Governor's Conference, New Mexico

Governor's Conference, New York

Governor's Conference, Seattle

"Gr" miscellaneous

Green Peter Dam-S. Santiam River

Ground Observer Corps

"Gu" miscellaneous

"Ha-He" miscellaneous

"He" miscellaneous


Container 11

Health, McKenzie Willamette Memorial Hospital Appeal Brief

Health, State Board of

Highway Commission, State

Hillcrest School


Container 12

"Ho" miscellaneous

Holmer, Freeman reports and reviews

Home Safety, Governor's Commission on

Housing Authority of Portland

"Hu" miscellaneous

"Ia-In" miscellaneous

Idaho Power Company

Indian affairs

Industrial Accident Commission, State

Industrial development

Industrial Safety, Conference on

Intergovernmental Relations Board

Interim Committee to Study the Economic Values and Recreational Facilities of the Columbia River

Interim Governor's and Legislative Constitutional Committee

Interim Committee to Study Appropriate Buildings for State Aided Organizations

Interim Legislative Highway Committee

Interim Committee on Historical Institutions

Interim Committee on Retirement

Interim Committee on the Department of Revenue

Interim Tax and Fiscal Revenue Committee


Container 13

Interim Tax Study Committee

Interior, Dept. of (Bonneville)

Intermediate institutions

Interstate Cooperation, Oregon Commission on

Interstate Oil Compact Commission

"Io-Iz" miscellaneous

"Ja-Jo" miscellaneous

John Day project

"Jones" miscellaneous

"Ju" miscellaneous

"Ka-Ko" miscellaneous

"Ke" miscellaneous

Keep Oregon Green

"Ki-Kr" miscellaneous

"La" miscellaneous

Lafferty, A. (Lawyer, Land Board)

Land Board, State


Container 14

"Le" miscellaneous

League of Oregon Cities

Legislation pending

Legislative Assembly, 47th & 48th

"Li-Ll" miscellaneous

Libbys Dam on Kootenay River in Montana

Library, Oregon State:





Lincoln County

Lincoln County controversy

Lincoln Life Insurance Company

Oregon Liquor Control Commission

"Lo" miscellaneous

"Lu-Ly" miscellaneous

"Ma" miscellaneous


Container 15

"Ma" miscellaneous

MacLaren School for Boys

Massage Examiners, Oregon State Board of

"Mc" miscellaneous

McNary Dam

"Me" miscellaneous

Medical Examiners, State Board of

Mental Health

"Mi" miscellaneous

Michaud Flats Project, Idaho

Middle Snake River

Milk Control correspondence

"Mo" miscellaneous

"Mu" miscellaneous

Musical compositions

"Na" miscellaneous

"National" miscellaneous


Container 16

"National" miscellaneous

National employment of physically handicapped

National Guard

National social services

Natural resources

"Ne" miscellaneous

Nehalem Bay and River

"Ni" miscellaneous

"No-Nu" miscellaneous

Northwest crop growing

Nurses, Oregon State Board of Examination of

"Oa-Ov" miscellaneous


Container 17


Oregon Historical Society

Bar, Oregon State

Oregon State College

Oregon State Employees Association

Oxbow and Brownlee Project

"Pa" miscellaneous

"Pacific" miscellaneous

Pacific Development (Fishing, Housing, & Hotels)

Pacific Northwest

Pacific NW Governors' Power Policy Committee

Pacific SW Inter-Agency Committee

"Pe" miscellaneous

Penny Cliffs Dam

"Ph-Pi" miscellaneous


Container 18

"Po" miscellaneous

Police, Department of State Annual Reports

Port of Portland Commission


Portland Chamber of Commerce


"Pr-Pu" miscellaneous

President's Conference of Highway Safety

Press releases

Priest Rapids project


Public Employees Retirement Board


Container 19

Public Employees Retirement Board

Public Utilities Commission

"Q" miscellaneous

"Ra-Re" miscellaneous

Racing Commission

"Re" miscellaneous

Real Estate Commission

Restoration of Voting Privileges

"Ri" miscellaneous

"Ro" miscellaneous

Rogue River Dam project

"Ru-Ry" miscellaneous

"Sa" miscellaneous

Safety, Industrial

"Sc" miscellaneous

"Se" miscellaneous


Container 20

Secretary of State, Oregon

Selective Service

Sex Criminals

"Sh" miscellaneous

"Si" miscellaneous

Siuslaw River Bar

"Smith" miscellaneous

Smith River Channel project

Snake River Basin Mountain Sheep Division

Snake River Basin reports

"So-Sp" miscellaneous

Social Security reports and agreements

Speech Material on

business & economy



industry & taxes

mental health


natural resources

Republican Party

traffic safety

water resources


Container 21

"Sta" miscellaneous

"St" miscellaneous

Soil Conservation Committee, State

Oregon State Fair Commission

Oregon State Fair beer sales

Stillwell drainage

"Su-Sw" miscellaneous

"Ta" miscellaneous

Tax Commission, State

"Te" miscellaneous

Teletype system

Temperance and Rehabilitation Division


Container 22

 "Th" miscellaneous

Tillamook Bay and Bay Ocean Project

"Tr-Tu" miscellaneous

Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Commission

Tualatin River and tributaries flood control projects

Umatilla River

"Ul-Ut" miscellaneous

Unemployment Compensation Commission, State

"United" miscellaneous

United Fund & Church

United Service organizations

U.S. Army, Alsea Bay, OR

U.S. Dept. of Interior

"Va-Ve" miscellaneous

Veterans Affairs, State Director of

Veterans Affairs bonus

"Vi-Vu" miscellaneous


Container 23

 "Wa" miscellaneous

Wapinitia Project

Water Resources Committee

"We" miscellaneous

"Wh" miscellaneous

"Wi" miscellaneous

Willamette River Basin Commission.

"Wo" miscellaneous

"Wu-Wy" miscellaneous

"Y" miscellaneous

Yaquina Bay, River and Harbor projects

"Z" miscellaneous

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