Governor Paul L. Patterson's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative correspondence, 1951-1956

Executive clemency records, 1952-1956

Extradition records, 1952-1956

Inaugural address audio tape, 1955

Motion picture film, 1955

Phonograph record, 1954

Administrative correspondence


23 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject

Series documents the communications and activities of Governor Patterson's office. Series includes correspondence, informational pamphlets, and information requests.

Topics include national resources, press releases, proclamations, milk control, civil defense, Columbia Basin, Board of Control, Highway Commission, forest products, unemployment and legislation.

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Executive clemency records


1 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date of record

Series documents the process and decisions made for the granting of executive clemencies and pardons. Series includes request for clemency by convict, request for restoration of voting privileges, and correspondence.


Extradition records


1 cubic feet

Arrangement: unarranged

Series documents activities involved in the extradition of criminals, both to and from the State of Oregon. Records include action reports, travel vouchers for retrieving prisoners, extradition requests from other states, and investigation reports requested by the Governor to aid in his extradition decisions.


Inaugural address audio tape


.25 cu. ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date of record

Series documents the inaugural message of Governor Paul Patterson to a joint assembly at the State Capitol building on January 10, 1955. (Two 7" reels recorded at 7 1/2 ips)

This inaugural address is also published in the Record of Proceedings in the House, Senate and House Journal, Oregon, 1955, pp. 312-320.


Motion picture film


.1 cu. ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date of film

Series documents a keynote speech introducing the Oregon White House Conference on Education by Governor Patterson, June 15 and 16, 1955 (16mm color newsreel with soundtrack).

Governor Paul Patterson, in cooperation with the request of President Eisenhower, called for a series of regional conferences to culminate in a two day conference in Salem, Oregon June 15-16, 1955. Check Administrative Correspondence, Ctn 7, Education, White House Conference for correspondence and reports regarding the state conference as well as the federal conference in Washington D. C. held in 1956.


Phonograph record


.1 cu. ft.

Arrangement: chronological by date

Series documents an interview with Governor Patterson by KUGN Radio Station, Eugene, Oregon, April 19, 1954.

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