Governor Barbara Roberts' Administration

Legal Counsel Records Container List

Box 81


Activities of Public Employees

Advisory Commission on Prison Terms and Parole Standards

Alongi, Carol (mothers Against Child Abandonment)

America - Japan Week

Appointment Issues

Appraisers Certification and Licensure Board

Archival Documents

Astoria Seafood Center

Atlas of Oregon

Attorney General's Office Meetings and Correspondence

Auto Repair Complaint

80 Legal Counsel Records, Subject Files, 1990-1994 Ballot Measure 5 - Outreach

Ballot Measure 5 - Administrative Rule

Ballot Measure 7 - Welfare Pilot Program

Ballot Measures

Benchmark Proposals - 93-95 Budget


BEO (Blind Enterprise of Oregon)

Big Chief (Harper's/Kimball Group)

Bills Passing both House/Senate (91-93)

Bills Sent to Governor (91-93)

Black Affairs, Commission on

BME (Board of Medical Examiners

Board of Police Standards and Training

Boards and Commissions


Budget Briefings - Corrections

Budget Briefings - Criminal Justice Council

Budget Briefings - Economic Development Department

Budget Briefings - Department of Justice

Budget Briefings - Military Dept.

Budget Briefings - Bd. of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision

Budget Briefings - Board on Police Standards and Training

Budget Briefings - State Police

Budget Briefings - Transportation

Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)

Canadian Lumber Issue

Capital Punishment

Carney Lawsuit

Cascade Institute

Children Services Division

Children's Trust Fund


Citizens Utility Board

CJS (Criminal Justice Services Division) Hiring

Clackamas County

Class Action File

Clatsop County DA Investigation (1993)

Columbia County

Columbia River Gorge Commission

Columbia River National Estuary Program

Community Block Grants


Confidential Attorney/Client Communication


Consultant Services for Federal Representation


Coos Bay Natural Gas Project

Corrections, Dept. of, Director Search

Corrections Emergency Procedures


Box 82

Corrections Legislation (91-93)

Corrections Ombudsman

Criminal Justice Agencies

Criminal Justice Services

Disparity Study

Dispute Resolution Commission

District Attorney Lawsuit (Michael Dugan)

DOC (Department of Corrections) Firearms Policy

Doe, Jane v. Neil Goldschmidt

Dome Committee

E-Board (Emergency Board)

Eastern Oregon Branch Line Railroad

Economic Program, President's

Economic Development Department

Economic Development Department Community Initiatives

Economic Development Department Director Search File - (Petersen's Replacement)

Election Law

Emerald Heights

Employment Division

Emergency Management


Executive Orders

Fairview Issues


Box 83

Farmworker Litigation

Federal Staff

Film and Video




Frequent Flyer Information

Gambee Letters

Gang Intervention

GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)

General Issues - Department of Corrections

General Issues - Department of Corrections - George Gilbert

General Services, Dept. of

Governor's Commutation Powers

Gun Control

High Speed Rail

Highway 101

Hispanics in Unity

Hispanic Commission/Issues

HJR (House Joint Resolution) 27

House Bill 3500

House Judiciary

Housing Agency

Human Rights Commission

Hung, Sian-Ming (Acupuncture problem)

Indian Issues

Indian Religious Rights


Intern File

Israel, Trade with

ISTEA (Intermodal Sturface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991)


Box 84

Japan Trip (10/91)

Job Training Partnership Act (JPTA)



Judicial Application Form

Judicial Appointments Misc. Issues

Judicial Visions Workshop (March, 1992)

Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee

Juvenile Justice Initiative

Juvenile Justice Task Force

Keeton Case (Cheryl Keeton)

KKR/Milken File (Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co.)

Koenig, Richard

Legislative Correspondence

Legislative Proposals (1992)

Legislative Proposals - Boxing and Wrestling Commission

Legislative Proposals - Construction Contractors Board

Legislative Proposals - Dispute Resolution Commission

Legislative Proposals - Economic Development Department

Legislative Proposals - Ethics Commission

Legislative Proposals - Executive Department

Legislative Proposals - General Services

Legislative Proposals - Governor's Advisory Committee on DUII

Legislative Proposals - Higher Education

Legislative Proposals - Maritime Pilots

Legislative Proposals - Military Department

Legislative Proposals - ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation)

Legislative Proposals - OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission)

Legislative Proposals - Public Utilities Commission

Legislative Proposals - Resource Technology Development Corporation

Legislative Proposals - Revenue

Legislative Proposals - State Fair & Exposition Center

Legislative Proposals - State Fire Marshal

Legislative Proposals - State Police

Legislative Proposals - Traffic Safety Division

Legislative Proposals - Travel Information Council

Legislative Proposals - Veteran's Affairs

Legislative Proposals - Wood Products Competitive Corp.


Box 85

Light Rail Project

Limited Liability Companies

Linde, Hans

Litigation - Miscellaneous

Lobbyist Reports


Lottery Allocation

Lottery Director Search

Lottery Funds Allowed Uses

Lottery Security

Lottery Technologies

Lottery (VLC) Video Lottery Consultants

Maritime Pilots

Mass Transit

Mental Health/Corrections

Mike Marsh

Minority Business

Modoc/Paiute Confederated Tribes (Indian Gaming)

Mt. Ashland Ski Area

Multnomah County


Box 86

National Guard (May contain restricted material)

National Guard (Miscellaneous Issues) (May contain restricted material)

National Guard (Miscellaneous Issues) (Adjutant General) (May contain restricted material)

NGA (National Governors Association) Economic Development Materials

NGA (National Governors Association) January `94 Meeting

1992 Federal Drug Grant Funds

1994 Federal Drug Grant Funds

North American Free Trade Agreement Volume II

North/NE Portland Alliance

Notary Public

O and C (Oregon and California) Lands

OAH v. DHR (Oregon Association of Hispitals v Department of Human Resources) et al

Obremski, Russell

Office Memos/Misc.

OMSI (Oregon Museam of Science and Industry)

Oregon Business Combination Act (91-93)

Oregon Human Development Corp.

Oregon Investment Council

Oregon Metals Initiative (OMI)

Oregon Technology & Resources Development Corp.

Oregon State Bar - General

Oregon State Police

Oregon State Police Briefings

Oregon Trail

Paradise Ranch, Josephine County

Parole Board

Parole Board - Denny Smith Letters

Parole Board Adult

Paulinac, Laverne

PERS (Public Employe Retirement System) Taxation Issue

Persad, Clarence

Petersen, Steve

Portland/Guadalajara Sister City


Ports - Port of Coos Bay

Ports - Port of Portland

Ports - Port of Portland - Alaska Airlines Facility

PGE/PGT Pipeline


Box 87

Political Activities in State Buildings

Posey, James Lee

Power Council

Powers, Katherine

Prison Litigation: Racial Segregation

Public Records Reform

Public Safety, Department of

Public Utility Commission

Qualification Based Selection

Racing Commission


Railroads - Southern Pacific

Railroads - Tillamook Rail

Real Estate Agency


Regional Strategies

Regional Strategies Round II

Regional Strategies Round III

Regional Strategies Round IV


Revenue Bonds

Rural Development Council

Rural Development Initiatives Inc.



Self Sufficiency Project

Sentencing Requests


Box 88

Shared Information System

Small Business Administration

Soviet Union

State Agency Use of Social Security Numbers

State Treasurer

Strategic Reserve Funds

Sumpter State Park

Taiwan Trip (10/91)

Task Force on State Government

Tax Issues

Teen Pregnancy

The Wexler Group

Timber Response

Tongue Point


Tourism Manager Search

Traffic Safety Commission


Transportation - Federal Issues

Trial Lawyers Association, Oregon

Tribal Recognition


Union County - Sept. 1991

United Airlines

US Attorney Vacancy

US Marshal Vacancy

Veto of HB 2690/Malt Beverage Distributors

Video Poker Implementation

Video Poker Litigation

Video Poker - Lottery

Violence, Domestic

Wacker Siltronic

WASEDA University (Japan)

Washington County

Westside Bypass

Western Governors' Association

Wimber, Larry F.

Wishes to Sue the Governor

Wood Products (91-93)

Wood Products Competitiveness Corp.

Woodburn Community Development - Block Grant

Workforce Development

World Affairs Council of Oregon

Youth Development

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