Governor Barbara Roberts' Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative Correspondence, 1987-1995

Affirmative Action Records, 1987-1995

Audio Tapes, 1992

Conversation with Oregon Records, 1991-1992

Environmental Project Records, 1987-1994

Executive Clemency Records, 1985-1995

Governor's Speeches, 1990-1994

Legislative Records, 1990-1993

Legal Counsel Records, 1990-1994

Natural Resources Records, 1990-1994

Natural Resources Office Library - BLM Districts, 1991-1995

Photographs, 1987-1994

Press Releases, 1991-1994

Proclamations, 1990-1994

Video Tapes, 1991-1994

Administrative Correspondence


75 cubic feet

Arrangement: by subject, thereunder chronological

Series documents the activites of the governor's office. Series includes correspondence, publications, and reports. Correspondence is from citizens, legislators, and state and federal agencies. Topics include Oregon government, income and property tax, teen pregnancy, economic development, land use, social programs, the environment, the spotted owl, wilderness, energy, and tourism. Significant subseries of these records are as follows:

Administrative Correspondence, 1990-1995

Assistant to the Governor's Office Records, 1990-1993

Auction Gift Records, 1991-1994

Ballot Measure 8 Petitions, 1995

Budget Records, 1991-1995

Chief of Staff Records, 1990-1994

Citizen Representative Records, 1987-1993

Daily Schedule, 1991-1994

Education Policy Advisor Records, 1991-1993

Endorsement Records, 1991-1994

Gift Correspondence and Logs, 1990-1994

Governor's Residence Operation Records, 1991-1993

Governor's Special Letters, 1990-1994

Intergovernmental Relations Records, 1990-1994

National and Regional Association Records, 1990-1994

Office Manager's Records, 1993

Oregon Boards, Councils, and Task Forces, 1990-1994

Reception registers, 1990-1994

Schindler's List Screening Program Records, 1994

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Records, 1993-1994

Transition Team Records, 1990-1992


Affirmative Action Records


6.50 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Records are individual state agency affirmative action plans and annual reports, correspondence, agency self evaluations, interoffice memoranda, policy updates, and resource publications and directories. The correspondence is to and from the Governor, the Director of the Governor's Affirmative Action Office, state agency staff, and the public. Check here for an itemized list.


Audio tapes


19 cassette tapes

Arrangement: chronological

Series documents governor's task force meetings on local government services, mental health hearings, and roads public hearings. Check here for an itemized list.


Conversation with Oregon Records


8.40 cubic feet

Arrangement: by subject

Series documents Governor Roberts initiative to discuss major issues facing the state with as many people as possible. Issues include Oregon's tax system, government spending, government services, and Oregon's future. Check here for an itemized list.


Environmental Project Records


9 cubic feet

Arrangement: by project

Series documents the Governor's Federal Forest Planning Team, Oregon Department of Forestry, Economic Development Department, Department of Fish and Wildlife and Division of State Lands participation in federal forest planning and other environmental issues that effect the environment and economy of the State of Oregon. Protection of the Spotted Owl Habitat Area is documented in this series. Check here for an itemized list.


Executive Clemency Records


16 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Series documents the process and decisions made for the granting of executive clemencies and pardons. Series includes notification of intent to file for clemency by convict, police records, ocrrespondence, and the executive decision. In cases where clemency was granted a notification is sent to the district attorney's office, where the case was tried, notifying them of the decision to approve executive clemency.

Some records may be exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.502(5) and 192.496(3).


Governor's Speeches


8 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Series documents speeches given by Governor Barbara Roberts before political groups, students, legislators, and citizens. Speeches contain prepared text, date, and group being addressed. Topics include natural resources, economic development, the Democratic party, and employment.


Legislative Records


4.30 cubic feet

Arrangement: numerical by bill number

Series documents legislative assistant records and legislative bluesheets which include legislative bills being considered for passage by the governor. Series includes program impacts, benchmarks met, budget impact, recommendation to sign, veto or allow to become law without signature, and special interest groups involved.


Legal Counsel Records


9 cubic feet

Arrangement: by subject

Series documents communications and activities of the Legal Counsel's office. series includes affidavits, depositions, legal briefs, and correspondence. Correspondence includes requests for the Governor to intervene in judicial matters, requests for legal opinions, and legislative proposals. Check here for an itemized list.

Some records may be exempt from disclosure under Oregon Revised Statute 192.502 (2) and 192.502 (3).


Natural Resources Records


22.5 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Series documents the activities of the Governor's Natural Resource office. Records include correspondence, reports, and publications. Topics include natural resource management, water rights, coastal salmon restoration, and spotted owl recovery, grazing, energy, and land use. Check here for an itemized list.


Natural Resources Office - Library - BLM Districts


3.5 cubic feet

Arrangement: by district

Bureau of Land Management publications and publication draft materials for six Oregon BLM districts: Coos Bay, Eugene, Klamath, Medford, Roseburg, Salem. The publications and their draft materials include: Analysis of Management Systems; Environmental Impact Statements; Resource Management Plans; Finding of No Significant Impact (Timber Salvage); Records of Decision; map packets; appendices. Series also includes the State of Oregon Proposed Coordinated Response to the draft EIS and RMPs for BLM’s Six Districts, 11/18/1992. Check here for an itemized list.


Press Releases


2.10 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Series documents the dissemination of information between the Governor's office, the press, and the public. Records include press releases, governor's schedules, internal distribution sheets, transmittal letters, speech transcripts, notices of bill signatures, appointment announcements, and policy letters.




3.50 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological

Series documents proclamations made by the Governor. Proclamations contain text, type of proclamation, signature, and seal. Proclamations include political, educational, and charitable causes.




1.50 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject of photograph

Series documents Governor Robert's with people, events, on international trips, and during bill signings. Check here for an itemized list.


Video Tapes


71 video tapes

Arrangement: chronological

Series documents Governor Roberts during the "Conversation with Oregon", during ceremonies, media coverage, bill signing, forums, luncheons, and State of the State Addresses. Check here for an itemized list.

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